Enter Contest to Win $600 Worth of Raffle Tickets!

We’re so excited about our 2012 Bishop’s Dinner Raffle, with a $15,000 American Express Gift Card* as the Grand Prize, a Carnival cruise as the second prize and a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as third prize!

Best of all, all net proceeds from the raffle support the life-saving ministries of the CPLC!

You can click here to buy tickets to enter the raffle ... or you can be the one to sell the most tickets and receive a big batch of tickets to be entered with your name!

That’s right ... starting today we will be keeping track of anyone who sells raffle tickets, and the individual or group who sells the most tickets by April 9 will receive 24 tickets, a value of $600.  These tickets have been purchased for the contest by individuals who would love to see you win!

Grand Prize: 
$15,000 American

Express Reward Gift Card*
*minus 28% tax withholding
We can mail you packets of tickets to sell, by contacting us at or 972-267-LIFE (5433) and providing your name and address and the number of tickets you think you can sell.

But remember, you can invite your family and friends to purchase their tickets online. To be credited with this sale, all you have to do is give them this instruction:  On the payment page, under Special note about my purchase/donation, have them write in:  Sold by (Your Name).
Second Prize: 4-Day
Carnival Cruise for two
We suggest sending an email out to your list.  There are no geographical restrictions on who can purchase tickets or win the raffle, and they need not be present to win.  Click here for a sample message.

Thanks for your contribution for life!

Here’s a full description of the prizes and the rules for the raffle:  prolifedallas.org/raffle.

Happy selling, and may the best one win!

Third Prize: BlackBerry® PlayBook Tablet