Urge Your State Representative to Support Essential Pro-Life Legislation!

Texas Action Alert


Earlier this week, the Texas Senate passed important pro-life legislation.  A similar bill is being heard in the Texas House, which increases safety standards at abortion facilities in Texas, requires RU-486 abortions to be done according to FDA safety standards, and requires abortionists to be qualified to treat life-threatening complications after botched abortions.

Why is This Action Important?

This legislation is vitally important to protecting both unborn children and women in Texas. The bill must quickly pass the full Texas House before the end of the special session next week.

Who to Contact?

Please contact your State Representative TODAY and encourage him or her to support and pass this essential pro-life legislation.  Don't know who represents you?  Find your TX state representative here



"Hello, my name is (name). I live at (address). Please ask Representative __________ to support legislation to increase protections for women and unborn babies at abortion facilities in Texas. Thank you."


Dear Representative _________:

Please protect unborn life and women in Texas by supporting protections for women and unborn babies at abortion facilities. It is critically important that Texas protects women by increasing safety standards at abortion facilities that will help prevent Gosnell-like abortion centers in Texas.  Not only do these measures have the potential to reduce the number of abortions--estimated at 20,000 annually--but also represent an advance for the health and safety of Texas women, whose lives and dignity are just as precious as those destroyed by the act of abortion.  Short of closing these facilities, we must ensure that providers and practitioners meet the most rigorous standards of medical inspections and regulation. 

I ask that you support this critically important pro-life legislation and help ensure its passage before the end of the special session. Thank you for your service to our great state.

Your name and address



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