Can you spare just a few minutes to #stand4life today?

Letting your voice be heard on behalf of the voiceless is critically important this week as the pro-life omnibus bill (HB 2 / SB 1) is being considered in the Texas Legislature.  If passed, this historic legislation will

  • increase abortion facility safety standards to the level of ambulatory surgical centers to shut down Gosnell-like abortion providers in Texas;
  • require the 18,000 RU-486 abortions performed each year in Texas to be done according to FDA safety standards;
  • require physicians who perform abortions to be qualified to treat life-threatening complications after botched abortions;
  • ban abortions on unborn children beginning at 20 weeks after fertilization, when scientific evidence clearly shows babies can feel pain.*

Even if you can't make it to the Capitol to register your support in person, your help is still needed!  

Here's how you can lend your critical support from home:

  • Make Contact!  Call or email your state representative and state senator today to urge his or her support of the renewed efforts to pass pro-life legislation in the second session.  (Find your state representatives here.)
    *We are receiving reports that legislators are receiving more opposition calls than support.  Please call now to register your support and tip the scales for life!*
  • Tweet and Post on Facebook!  Join the #Stand4Life tweetfest and post pictures of yourself wearing "pro-life blue" in support of life. 
  • Watch for our additional updates as the Special Session continues. 

and most importantly ...

  • Pray!  Pray for all who are traveling to Austin, for all who will be witnessing on behalf of life, for our legislators, and for everyone involved – on both sides.  Pray for the protection of all, and for the conversion of hearts of those who support abortion.

Thank you and God bless!

*Please Note:  We are devoted to the end of all abortions without exception.  While the legislation described above is not a complete abortion ban, it represents an incremental step toward reducing the instances of abortion and increasing the protection of women substantially in the state of Texas.  We therefore join our pro-life friends across the state in support of this legislation.