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Bishop's Pro-Life Dinner Volunteers

Be a part of this exciting event with an energized team of committed pro-lifers! (If you are a youth volunteer or organizing a group of youth volunteers, please click here.)

Please consider how you can help us, and by doing so, help save lives:

Pre-Event Opportunities

Phone callers – Make calls from home, or come to our office for a couple of hours a day, or once or twice a week, during the months of March and April.

Couriers – Deliver posters to parishes and other offices in February or March, and run other errands.

Promotions  – Give a 5-minute presentation about the dinner to organizations in your parish.  Sell raffle tickets, dinner tickets.  Script and materials will be provided.

Day-of-Event Opportunities (please select just one)

Check-in and directions the night of the Dinner – Greet lots of guests with a big smile, make them welcome and help them find their way around.

Raffle Ticket Sales  –  Take tickets to sell in your neighborhood, workplace or church.  Packets with instructions available at the CPLC office or mailed to you.  Help also needed for sales at the dinner.

Miscellaneous Tasks - You name it, and we could probably use your help!


To volunteer, fill out the below form (there may be a brief delay for the form to appear), and we'll be in contact with you!

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