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New Chaperone Application

Thank you for applying to be a Chaperone for Pro-Life Boot Camp.

If you have not already, please review the Chaperone Overview and Requirements before applying.

Applications with proof of Safe Environment Clearance are requested by June 22.

We are in need of 15-20 chaperones. 

Your application will be reviewed, and you will be contacted with an answer of yes or no. Please do not pay for Boot Camp until you are contacted and told that you have been accepted as a Chaperone.

Safe Environment Clearance from your local diocese or parish is required to be a Chaperone and to volunteer.

Proof of clearance must be attached to your application. “Proof of clearance” means paperwork from your parish or diocese showing the date of your most recent criminal background check, most recent date of training and proof that you are clear according to the requirements of your diocese.

For submitting Proof of Safe Environment Clearance, your resume, and references, use the "browse" button to find the files on your computer and upload them.

If you have issues attaching your proof of clearance to your application, please e-mail proof to the CPLC Safety Director at  within 2 business days of completing your application.

We cannot accept you as a Chaperone or volunteer until your Safe Environment papers are on file with us.

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Proof of Safe Environment Clearance

If you cannot attach proof of safe environment clearance at this time, proof of clearance must be faxed to 972-385-3851 or emailed to  to complete your application. You cannot be accepted without proof of clearance.

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