The Way to the New Promised Land

Dear Friend of Life,

This is a banner year in the abortion battle, as it marks the 40th year since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision in our country.  Forty years of unfathomable loss – more than 54 million innocent unborn childrens lives snuffed out before birth, mothers and fathers scarred, and wounds to our Lord’s Sacred Heart.

What significance does 40 years have in the Bible?  In the Book of Exodus, Moses convinced the Israelites to escape slavery and enter into the desert, where God cared for them with manna from Heaven and eventually led them to the Promised Land. 

It’s not hard to see that Israel’s slavery is akin to our slavery to sin – and the greatest sin of our society today is the daily mass killing of the innocents that is abortion.  There is a message for us in this 40th year of abortion – 2013 – from Exodus:

Exodus 20:13: THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

I believe this message is in no way a coincidence for this year – and God is blessing our response to this message in mighty ways, as we've seen numerous victories for the cause of life just in the first 6 months of this year!

And now – more than any other time in this battle – we need the next generation to rise up and lead the way!

How do we get the next generation on board?  How do we teach them, train them, and give them the tools they need to lead the way for their generation, to make real change in our suffering country?

The secret to a pro-life future

I’m thrilled to tell you that the CPLC has those tools, and our youth have the desire to put them to work! 

This summer, the CPLC will sponsor Pro-Life Boot Camp 2013, an intensive pro-life training camp for high school students offered right here at the University of Dallas.


This banner year for the exodus from the slavery of abortion will mark the 11th anniversary of regional trainings for our young people, who are eager and ready to be the pro-life generation of advocates for the unborn and the culture of life – and lead the way to the Promised Land!

Our unique Boot Camp experience is unlike any other pro-life experience offered in the country.  Our decade of experience has led us to fine-tune the details of the camp to ensure that the graduates emerge as changed leaders among their peers, and as passionate and fervent warriors in today’s most critical issue.

On one power-packed weekend (Session 1) and on a separate five-day training (Session 2), dozens of young people will eat, drink, and sleep pro-life advocacy and activism.

Here’s what one student had to say:  This weekend has been one of the best things of my summer.  The friendly people, amazing speakers, good food, and fun activities make this camp great for any person, pro-life or not.  (They will change their minds.)

They will pray, learn and “do” pro-life, from standing in prayerful witness outside abortion centers to providing special gifts to moms and babies, to sitting at the feet of our featured speakers Kristan Hawkins and Theology of the Body Evangelization Team (TOBET)Kristan, the dynamic president of Students for Life of America (SFLA), has helped to more than triple the number of campus pro-life groups in the U.S. and has authored SFLA’s first book: Courageous: Students Abolishing Abortion in this LifetimeTOBET inspires teens to encounter a personal relationship with Jesus, effecting wonder at our being created in God’s image and likeness, stamped in our very bodies.  

But it’s not all work – they’ll have plenty of wholesome fun and fellowship along the way, including skits, movies, sports, games, sharing and decorating baby items to donate to new moms who have chosen life.

Students are enrolling every day (registrations are still open: the Session 1 registration deadline is this Friday, June 21, and the Session 2 deadline is July 19), most of them attending Boot Camp for the first time!  Guided along the way by the college-age junior staff, these young people will be armed to carry the torch of pro-life until we reach the Promised Land!

We’re seeing it happen every year as our Boot Camp graduates assume volunteer and professional leadership in the pro-life movement.

How you can be a part of the end of abortion

To make an abortion-free future a reality through and for the youth of today, we urgently need your assistance.

While the students do pay fees to attend, we keep these fees as reasonable as we can for families; as such, there are costs to the camp that aren’t fully covered.  To host this incredible life-changing experience, including materials, van rentals, food, dorms at the University of Dallas, and miscellaneous support expenses, we end up with a cost gap of about $100 per camper. 

Will you help us with a gift of $100, $50 or $25 today to help cover these costs? 

Any amount – smaller or larger – will be a tremendous help.  Think of this as a “legacy gift” – your contribution to ensure the future of pro-life through these young people!

In addition to cash gifts, we can use various items from the grocery store to help us keep our costs down.  Here are some of our needs (starred items* represent the greatest need):

  • 300 personal bottles of Gatorade (100 for Session 1 and 200 for Session 2)*
  • Snacks for movie night for 75 (Saturday, June 29)*
  • Snacks for movie night for 100 (Saturday, July 27)*
  • Gas gift cards in $10 amounts to reimburse drivers during camp*
  • Gift certificates to craft stores to buy supplies and items for Mommy Gift Bags*
  • Poster board, white and colored, all sizes*
  • 8 wide rolls masking tape*
  • Coffee, liquid creamer, sugar and snacks for 30 adults/chaperones for 7 days
  • Cookies and refreshments for each skit night for 200 – this includes families (Sunday, June 30 and Tuesday, July 30)
  • White or solid color onesies and kids’ t-shirts, all sizes (we decorate and donate them)
  • White or solid color burp cloths and bibs (for decorating)
  • Baby washcloths without trim (all colors)
  • Baby socks (all colors)
  • Baby wash and lotion (small size but not travel size)
  • 600 plastic cups (200 for Session 1 and 400 for Session 2)
  • 10 rolls of paper towels
  • 200 paper plates
  • Items for hospitality bags for youth (snacks, rosaries, pro-life or Catholic items, card games, etc.)

 There is a special way for you to help

If you’ve been blessed financially and want to underwrite some specific costs, we do need sponsorships for these expenses:

  • Speakers and clergy – $2,000
  • T-shirts – $1,500
  • Religious items for the youth – $400
  • Prayer Books for use at the abortion centers – $400
  • PFL Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day – $1,050
  • Scholarships for Youth, Jr. Staff, and Chaperones – $70 - $210 per person

We’d be so very grateful for a donation of any amount.

And if what you can donate is the incredible gift of your time, we also need some volunteer help.  We have a great team in place, but could still use some adults to help with accounting, promotions, registration, check in/out, finding locations in the DFW area for our youth to do pro-life service projects, transportation, securing Safe Environment clearance for adults, security, creating hospitality baskets, and coordinating chaperones.  (Please note that Safe Environment clearance is required for anyone working with youth.)

For information on providing any of the needed items or to volunteer, please contact Jacquelyn Smith, CPLC Youth For Life Director, at or 214-457-5128.  For complete information on the camp, and how to register, visit’t forget to register for Session 1 registration by this, Friday, June 21, or Session 2 by July 19.)

And to make a much-appreciated cash donation, visit here.

As I close, I ask you to please pray with me for Boot Camp this year!  May Almighty God watch over our young people and prepare them for a bravery and unity as never before in this movement – and that they will be the ones to lead their generation and our country to the newPromised Land” where there will be no more abortion!

Blessings in Christ, for Life,
Karen Garnett
Executive Director
Catholic Pro-Life Committee

P.S.  I truly hope you’ll help us train another generation of Boot Camp leaders!  Please go here to make a generous financial donation today of any amount.  And call Jacquelyn if you’d like to donate an item or items on the needs list above or volunteerThank you for all you do for life!  God bless you!