Dear Friend of Life,

Think about it:  Jesus didn’t come into the world at Christmas. 

That’s just His birthday.  He actually arrived nine months earlier... 

Like every other baby before or since, Jesus started life as an unborn child, hidden in the womb of His mother.

Of course it wasn’t until Jesus’ holy birth at Christmas when His glory would be seen by his parents, the angels, the shepherds who hurried from the field, and the kings who journeyed from afar.  And even then, the world still had to wait to see what and who He would become.

So it is with everyone.  And that’s why what I have to tell you today is so important.
Just about every day in Dallas a baby is born that would not be here if not for friends like you.  That’s because every day the missionary sidewalk counselors of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee, supported by the prayers and generosity of the pro-life community, are ministering to save the innocent unborn outside the five abortion centers in Dallas.

Our counselors stand prayerfully, peacefully, ready to speak for those with no voice, and to give hope to mothers in despair. 
And every day our counselors help two or more mothers choose life instead of death for their precious unborn babies.

Praise be to God that the CPLC sidewalk ministry has stood in the gap for over 6,000 little babies – children whose mothers canceled their abortion appointments and chose life!

And this year, astonishingly, we are on track for a second year in a row of helping to rescue more than 800 precious lives!  Just through the month of November, 765 babies have been saved!

Every day is a miracle on the sidewalks – the front lines of the abortion battle. 

Your gift doubled to save more lives! 

This Christmas I have a special offer for you.  Your donation of any amount (from now through New Year’s Eve) to help the Catholic Pro-Life Committee continue to save lives and build a culture of life in Dallas in the new year will go farther than ever to save a baby’s life and shield a mother’s heart.

Your gift will be doubled,  up to $10,000, thanks to a special Christmas matching gift challenge fund!

And how urgently we need your support this year!

I don’t need to tell you that these are difficult times.  For our Church.  For families.  For our country. 

Americans have elected for a second term the most pro-abortion and Planned Parenthood-friendly president and administration we’ve ever had, and on top of that,  the looming HHS mandate will soon try to force all organizations and companies, including Catholic ones, to pay for contraception, sterilization and abortion-causing drugs.

The pro-life movement is in the most critical situation we’ve ever faced.

We don’t know what the future will bring.  But we know we have a window to do all we can in the time we’ve been given to defend and protect life.

Right now the CPLC has the ministries on the ground, and the passion, to bring an end to abortion in Dallas.  But to get this done, we urgently need your help.  

You’ll be surprised to know
how little it ‘costs’ to save one baby

Two years ago we did the math and came up with an estimate of what it “costs” the CPLC to save a baby’s life.  We took the budget of our sidewalk ministry – including our staff missionaries, trainings, communications, and the life-saving literature we hand to the mothers – and we divided that by the number of mothers who chose life outside the abortion centers.

It came to less than $200 to save one baby’s life – a life whose value is inestimable!

This year, it turns out that your gift of just $122.50 would be enough to help our sidewalk ministry save one baby – and combined with the matching gift amount, enough to save two!

God is saving more lives than ever through the CPLCmore than double most of our past 15 years on the sidewalk.

Last year we saw the extraordinary – 841 turnaways, the most ever in a single year.  And this year, we are on track to help another 800 mothers turn away from abortion, with an additional 500 or more hopeful turnawaysThis is nothing short of miraculous!

Not only that, but our efforts are being validated by recent state health statistics, which show a startling 7.1 percent decrease in abortions in Dallas County over the most recent two-year period.  This is amazing, considering that across the state of Texas, abortions decreased by only 4.3 percent.

What we’re doing here is working!

And it would be impossible to do on our own.  We can't do this work successfully without you.  We need you! 

We have an urgent need right now

The fact is, in order to keep the sidewalks “staffed” for all 80 of the hours that abortions are taking place each week in Dallas – plus the extra staff hours we've needed to add with the new 24-hour sonogram law in effect, giving us the chance to talk to the mothers not once, but twice – and to provide the critical bilingual counselors who can speak to the Spanish-speaking moms, we've had to increase our sidewalk ministry budget an extra $9,780 this year, to $98,000.

That's why the special $10,000 matching gift challenge is so critical for us this Christmas.  It's critical that we raise every dollar that our ministry needs to remain faithful to our mission to save lives on the front lines, especially as we begin the new year

Our sidewalk counselors are our – and the babies' – heroes.  The very last thing in the world I would want to do is have to pull back on our staff hours on the sidewalk next year, when we've stepped out in faith to ensure that they're out there.

Because I know what abortions do to little babies and their mothers – and I know the difference we are making!!  I would hate to have to pull back, when the world is more hostile to the innocent unborn than it’s ever been!

There’s no better time than now for you to make a sacrificial gift of $122.50 to save a baby's life, if there's any possible way that you can.  There’s no better occasion than Christmas to honor the gift of a child loved into being by God.

Will you please make an extra special Christmas gift for LIFE this year, by December 31, to be multiplied by the donor match?  Your generous gift of $122.50 – or whatever amount you can sacrifice – can and will make a difference!  May God bless you abundantly this Advent and Christmas season! 

 In Christ, For Life,

Karen Garnett
Executive Director

P.S.  Please read Bishop Farrell's letter urging support for our ministries here.

Please note:  For a 2012 charitable contribution, your gift must be postmarked by December 31 (mailing address available here).  You may also click here to make a secure credit card donation online through 11:59 p.m. on December 31.
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