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Bishop's Pro-Life Dinner
Youth Volunteers

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Student volunteer tables at the 26th Annual Bishop's Pro-Life Dinner are available at a discounted price of $750.  

Upon receiving confirmation of table availability from Jacquelyn Smith, please (1) review the information below, (2) complete the registration form at the end of this page for each table reserved, and (3) submit payment via the form that follows.  (Registration may also be completed by via the form available for download here and mailing it with payment and proof of safe environment to CPLC, PO Box 803541, Dallas TX 75380.) 

For additional information, please contact Jacquelyn at 469-399-7495 or 

All groups must be Safe-Environment compliant:

To meet Safe Environment standards, you must provide at least two chaperones age 21+ to supervise your group. Adults age 18-20 do not count as chaperones.

In the morning, there should be at least two chaperones for every ten youth, and in the evening, two chaperones at each table. 

Please ask the parish or school where your chaperones are cleared to provide written verification of the latest date for the Criminal Background Check (CBC) and latest date for Safe Environment training indicating their status. This information must be provided for each person 18 or older in your group assisting with the set-up or attending the Bishop’s Dinner. If all of your adults are from the same parish or school you may use the Safe Environment Verification Form.

Youth must bring a YFL General Release Form (español) and signed Code of Conduct (español). 

Also, please complete the CPLC Volunteer Form at for each adult 18 or older. You may fax or scan adult forms to CPLC Safety Patricia Vasquez at 972-385-3851 or e-mail to .

Tentative Schedule for the day:

Times Tasks Grades
9:00 a.m. - Noon Morning Set-Up 6 - 12 Grade              
3:30 p.m. High school volunteers and chaperones gather and
receive instructions (Dinner Tickets Required)
9 - 12 Grade                         
5:00 p.m. Be in place to begin welcoming guests / Private reception begins 9 - 12 Grade
6:30 p.m. Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner begins 9 - 12 Grade
10:00 p.m. Dinner is over and clean-up begins.  All volunteers  should expect to stay until at least 10:00 p.m.
Clean-up takes about 30 minutes following the end
of the program.
9 - 12 Grade


Youth Volunteer Table Registration Form

School or Church Group Name*
Primary Contact First Name*
Primary Contact Last Name*
Primary Contact Phone Number*
Primary Contact Email Address*
Chaperone 1 First Name
Chaperone 1 Last Name
Chaperone 1 Phone Number
Chaperone 1 E-mail Address
Chaperone 1 Proof of SE Clearance
Chaperone 2 First Name
Chaperone 2 Last Name
Chaperone 2 Phone Number
Chaperone 2 E-mail Address
Chaperone 2 Proof of SE Clearance
Student 1 Name
Student 2 Name
Student 3 Name
Student 4 Name
Student 5 Name
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