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Save the Date for these 2013 Events for Life with Bishop Kevin Farrell:  
January 19 – 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade – Mass and Dallas March for Life 
April 6 – The Bishop's 20th Annual Catholic Pro-Life Dinner

5th Circuit Rules Texas Can Defund Planned Parenthood (Plus DMN publishes CPLC Response to Planned Parenthood!)

Judge Rules Texas Can Continue Defunding Planned Parenthood Pending October Trial
by Thaddeus Baklinksi, LifeSiteNews

On August 21, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled that Texas may continue to withhold public funds from Planned Parenthood pending an October trial over a state law that bans Planned Parenthood clinics and other “affiliates of abortion providers” from participating in the Medicaid Women’s Health Program.* Read entire story.

CPLC Executive Director Karen Garnett Responds to Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards: The funding ban lifts the veil on Planned Parenthood, Dallas Morning News

According to Cecile Richards, the lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood against the Texas government “has never been about Planned Parenthood.” This is nonsensical spin to the absurd. Cecile, it’s about Planned Parenthood. It’s about the challenged, now enforceable, law redirecting taxpayer funds away from Planned Parenthood and the truth lying behind its corporate veil. It’s about Planned Parenthood performing more than 325,000 abortions last year, making up 51 percent of its clinic income. It’s about Planned Parenthood’s reported requirement that all of its affiliates perform abortions by 2013. It’s about the taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood facilities that do not perform abortions but nonetheless refer for abortions — to whom? Planned Parenthood. It’s about Planned Parenthood’s abortion and “family planning” facilities feeding off each other, operating in the same building and cross-marketing their “services” to the same customers. It’s about Planned Parenthood choosing to shut down its “health centers” while breaking ground on a $6.5 million abortion center in Fort Worth. Ultimately, it’s about Planned Parenthood favoring its abortion business over the low-income women it claims to serve. Texas has had enough. No organization in the business of killing unborn children deserves a single penny of taxpayer funding — that’s Planned Parenthood, Cecile. 

(Available online here -- please add your comments in support!)

*Editor's note: While the CPLC supports efforts to redirect taxpayer funds away from abortion giant Planned Parenthood, we continue to have grave concerns about the WHP program, specifically the funding and distribution of contraception in the guise of health care.  For more information on this issue visit, www.prolifedallas.org/contraception.

For the Conference, Classic or Cruise

Render Unto Caesar Conference, answering your questions!

Date: Saturday, Sept. 8
The conference will train and activate faithful citizens to be involved in the public square. You will hear from experts in the field, including Bishop Mark Seitz, the CPLC's Karen Garnett, Jeff Patterson of the Texas Catholic Conference, and luncheon keynote speaker Angela Balderaz – an abortion survivor and one of the 39 women who participated in the historic Back to Life walk.  Registration is $25 per person, $35 per couple.  For more information and to register, please visit prolifedallas.org/conference.  (en español)
Time: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Place: St. Mark Parish Center, Plano
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CPLC Classic / Bishop’s Cup Open, benefiting life!

Date: Mon., October 22
Please join us for the 12th Annual CPLC Classic/Bishop's Cup Pro-Life Charity Golf Tournament at The Tribute Golf Club in The Colony, a U.S. top-rated course inspired by the famous links of Scotland. You can be a part of this great day in three ways: be a sponsor, register to play or to donate a raffle item. For more info, visit prolifedallas.org/golf or contact or 972-270-3019. 
Tee-Time: 12:30 p.m.
Location: The Tribute Golf Club, The Colony
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Voices 4Life Party Boat Sunset Cruise, welcoming young adults

Dates: Sun., Oct. 23

Join other young singles and marrieds for a sunset cruise aboard the Star of Texas party boat on Lake Lewisville. Cost: $20 per person, including dinner, drinks and free Voices 4Life membership.  Free for current Voices 4Life membersClick here to reserve your ticket today!  Space is limited. 

Check out pictures of last year's cruise here.

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Location: Sneaky Pete’s at Eagle Point Marina, Lewisville


Additional Pro-Life Events

40 Days for Life-Dallas Cast the Vision

Date: Tues., August 28 Experience the vision of 40 Days for Lifethe largest pro-life prayer campaign in the world!  National Campaign Strategist Lauren Muzyka will share why thousands participate worldwide and why you should too!  She will also present practical pointers for those returning and organizing groups.  And be sure to save the date for the Kickoff Rally on Sept. 25 at 6:30 p.m. at Harry Moss Park.
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Gaston Oaks, at Greenville at Royal in Dallas
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Rachel's Vineyard™ Retreats in September


In English: Sept. 7-9
In Spanish: Sept. 21-23

Rachel’s Vineyard™ is an extraordinary opportunity for any person who struggles with the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion.  The weekend is designed specifically to help you experience the mercy and compassion of God.  For more information and to register, call 214-544-CARE (2273) in English, 972-679-4760 in Spanish; email / ; or visit racheldallas.org.  All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.  (en español)
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The Rachel Ministries need your help to provide hope and healing!  Licensed, Spanish-speaking counselors are needed to volunteer at the retreats (more info here), as well as material donations (click here for list).  If you can help or donate, please contact Eileen Kuhlmann at , 972-679-4760. Thank you!

Speakers Bureau Training Workshop

Date: Saturday, Sept. 22
Learn how to effectively share your pro-life beliefs with others.  The CPLC Speakers Bureau will train you to spread the pro-life message to both youth groups and adults.  Learn the new and fun activities that we incorporate into our presentations!  For more info and to register, contact Jan Storey, 972-986-5463 or .
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Location: St. Monica, Dallas, (Rm. 212, Family Ctr)
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CPLC Featured on EWTN's Catholic Answers Live

Date: Wed., September 12 Catholic Answers Live, hosted by Patrick Coffin, is a daily national two-hour radio program dedicated to Catholic apologetics and evangelization.  The drive-time hour will feature Executive Director Karen Garnett on the CPLC’s Convert-to-Life / Sidewalk Counseling Ministry.  

Listen to Catholic Answers Live on GRN 910 AM and call in with your question at 1-888-31-TRUTH.

Time:  5:00 - 6:00 p.m.


Breaking Pro-Life News

Woman Conceived in Rape Responds to Akin Abortion Controversy*
by Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com

Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life attorney from Michigan, fully understands the national debate going on concerning the controversial comments Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin made about abortion and rape. Kiessling was conceived when her mother was victimized by a rapist. . . .Kiessling responded to the comments saying that the use of the term “legitimate rape” was unnecessary and improper and she gave her advice for how pro-life candidates can thoughtfully and articulately address the sensitive subject of rape and abortion. Continue reading

*Editor's Note: Sharing Rebecca's story in no way implies an endorsement of Todd Akin's candidacy.  The CPLC is non-partisan and neither endorses nor opposes candidates or political parties.

Pastors Address Abortion in African-American Community
By Colette M. Jenkins, Akron Beacon Journal Online

Three Northeast Ohio pastors have come together to urge pastors in the African-American church to use their pulpits to address issues affecting the black community.

They’re starting with abortion. . . .

“The black pastor is still the most influential person in the black community and still has a voice among his constituents,” [Rev. Roscoe Heath] said. “The church is supposed to be an agency of life and the issue of abortion flies in the face of everything that God stands for. Abortion takes away life, so it’s not of God.”  Read entire article

Pro-Life Victory of the Day
by Matt Sciba, Truth & Charity

Earlier this summer, a representative of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee in Dallas conducted sidewalk counseling training for a room full of Shreveport pro-lifers. Since that night, pro-life Catholics have been filled with a new vigor, ready to help women make the choice for life for their child. It seems the training has already paid off.  Continue reading.

**Follow the "live" experiences of CPLC's sidewalk counselors online at twitter.com/cplcdallas (#tfts).**

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