March 22, 2012            

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This weekend the cineplexes present two tough questions to their audiences.  On the one hand, how far are we from a society in which children battle to the death for entertainment as depicted in The Hunger Games.  And on the other hand, are we ready to see the face of one of the most divisive issues of our time as depicted in October Baby, inspired by the true story of a woman who survived a failed abortion.

On April 14, audiences will have an opportunity to hear more about the inspiration and making of October Baby at the largest charity event benefiting pro-life ministries in the DFW area, annually hosting approximately 2,000 guests.  This year's event will feature October Baby director and writer Jon Erwin interviewing actor in the film John Schneider

After having played Superman's dad in the TV series Smallville, John Schneider takes on another paternal role in October Baby as the father of Hannah, a 19-year-old girl on an emotional journey to discover her birth mother and make peace with her adoptive parents.  Not overly dogmatic, the focus of the film is to tell an entertaining and compelling story and hopefully spark some discussion in the process.

Director Jon Erwin explains that "the biggest thing we want to do is for people to confront indifference and apathy. This conversation warrants discussion. And I hope we can get it."

John Schneider echoes those thoughts in describing his connection to the film: "As a dad, I connected to it immediately. I think that’s why I was so fascinated by it and so moved when we did it . . . my gosh, having those kinds of conversations that I haven’t really had with my real daughters – not necessarily the abortion conversation but just the honesty later in the film, it moved me as a father like I’ve never been moved in real life." 

The conversation about the issues presented in October Baby will take center stage on April 14 at the 19th Annual Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner hosted by Dallas Bishop Kevin J. Farrell at the new Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas.  This event is open to the public, and tickets are on sale now.  More information about the event can be found at

About the Annual Pro-Life Dinner:

The Bishop's Pro-Life Dinner is the major annual fundraiser for the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas (CPLC).  The CPLC is a tax-exempt non-profit organization that serves the public through education on life issues, women’s health issues, supportive services for pregnant women and their unborn children, and abortion aftercare.  CPLC services are available to anyone regardless of religious viewpoint or political affiliation.