August 13, 2012       
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  Frontline Ministry on the Cutting Edge

In the era of "new" media, the Catholic Pro-Life Committee is taking advantage of all forms of communication to spread the message of life.  This month that includes an historic Twitter campaign reporting the moment-by-moment, personal experiences of the CPLC's trained sidewalk counselors outside the five Dallas abortion centers.  The life and death struggles of these missionaries to the unborn can be followed at twitter.com/cplcdallas, denoted by the hashtag #tfts

The CPLC's Convert-to-Life / Sidewalk Counseling Ministry provides over 40 trained sidewalk counselors, supported by prayer partners, to ensure almost-daily presence during the “killing hours” outside the five abortion centers in Dallas.  The mission of CPLC sidewalk counselors is to help those mothers and fathers who are contemplating abortion to choose life for their children, approaching them with love to offer assistance in their hour of need.  Since its beginning in 1997, the Convert-to-Life Ministry has helped nearly 6,000 mothers in Dallas choose life for their babies, and three Dallas abortion centers have closed.  In 2011, the ministry documented a record 841 “turnaways” – abortion-minded mothers who chose life for their children after receiving counseling, as well as another 740 "hopefuls", who left the abortion centers without any record of returning.  

Since the Twitter campaign began on August 1, followers of @cplcdallas have increased, retweeted and offered their own prayerful messages.  Sidewalk counselor tweets range from the hopeful: "Be encouraged. Numbers of abortion clients down this month," to the heartbreaking: "Woman leaves after abortion. Beside herself, crying. God have mercy...bring her healing."  Their messages reflect the seminal role of prayer: "Just arrived. . . . Create in me a clean heart oh God," and the stark reality of standing witness to the killing: "Nurse who counts body parts after abortion just arrived."

"On the heels of the Texas Sonogram Law being implemented and in the midst of court battles about taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, this campaign is where the 'rubber meets the road,' so to speak," explains CPLC Executive Director Karen Garnett.  "It is a chance for all those who support life, have questions about pro-life ministry, and even those who disagree with us, to learn more about what is actually happening at abortion centers."

About the Catholic Pro-Life Committee  

The Catholic Pro-Life Committee (CPLC), the Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Dallas, is a tax-exempt non-profit organization that serves the public through education on life issues and women’s health issues, supportive services for pregnant women and their unborn children, and abortion aftercare.  CPLC services are available to anyone regardless of religious viewpoint or political affiliation.