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Procedures and Training

Project Gabriel offers awareness sessions for all interested clergy and laypersons.

Parishes usually publicize their commitment to Gabriel by erecting a BABY-DUE sign, provided by the pro-life community or another parish group such as the Knights of Columbus. On Respect Life Sunday or another appropriate time, the pastor dedicates the sign, and volunteers called “Gabriel Angels” are recruited from the parish. 

Our one-day training classes are held throughout the diocese three times a year: January-February, May-June, and September-October. Angels are commissioned at the end of the training and are then eligible to be paired with a mother. All Angels are required to take the “safe environment” training offered for anyone in the parish who ministers to the young or vulnerable.

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Trainings include:
  • overview of Project Gabriel, its history and mission and pro-life focus 
  • excerpts from the encyclical The Gospel of Life
  • effective inter-communication skills
  • strategies for meeting the material needs of mothers in crisis
  • information and referrals for open adoption
  • pre- and post-natal resources for mothers and babies
  • leading a chaste lifestyle
  • natural family planning
  • spirituality
  • goal-setting
  • role-playing

For more information about how to implement Project Gabriel in a parish, contact .