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Hispanic Pastoral Ministry

One of the most endearing and unifying symbols for Spanish-speaking Catholics is Our Lady of Guadalupe, the image of Mary as she appeared in 1531 to Saint Juan Diego in Mexico. In this miraculous image, Mary is visibly pregnant with Jesus, hence her title, "Patroness of the Unborn." Under the banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Spanish Ministry seeks to draw Spanish-speaking Catholics more fully into the work of life.

According to a report commissioned by Bishop Grahmann, by the year 2020, the population of the Dallas Diocese will include more than 1 million hispanics, most of them Catholic.  The Spanish Ministry realizes that this influx of dynamic, life-loving, family-devoted people will bring richness and value to the pro-life effort!

The ministry works to educate the Spanish community on all life issues through bilingual speakers and translation and distribution of pro-life literature. Spanish Ministry is working through parish coordinators to strengthen pro-life awareness and action, especially in light of recent statistics showing a rise in abortions among Spanish in Dallas. We invite all Spanish-speaking Catholics to join in asking Our Lady's intercession to end the tragedy of abortion.

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