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What better way is there to honor someone who has given life – a mother – than to give a gift of life?

With a donation of $50, you can send a special Mother's Day eCard and pro-life jewelry gift hand crafted by
Soul Sisters Creations Jewelry. 

Your donation will help make Mother's Day a beautiful celebration for not only the women in your life, but also for mothers in need. Please complete the form below to order your Mother's Day eCard and gift. (Priority shipping is included for an additional $5).

Choose to receive (A) two pairs of earrings OR (B) four bracelets OR (C) one necklace.

All pieces include precious feet charms. PLEASE NOTE: Pictures are samples only; colors and design may vary.

Mother's Day eCard Preview

Mother's Day 2015 Card

Please note:  All eCards will be delivered in advance of Mother's Day. Gift packages ordered by noon on May 6 should be delivered by Saturday, May 9. Any orders received after that date will be fulfilled with the recipient receiving an eCard apprising them that a gift is on its way.. Priority shipping cost of an additional $5.00 is included in the order.

Mother's Day Order Form

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Step 1: Card & Recipient Information

If you ordering multiple cards / gifts for different recipients (or from different senders), please list and number each sender, recipient, email, address, and gift separately (with the same number in each field).  Example:  

  • Sender(s) field: Gift 1: Jack Smith, Gift 2: Sam Smith or All Cards: Jack and Sam Smith 
  • Recipient(s) field: Gift 1: Jane Smith, Gift 2: Sally Smith 
  • Recipient(s) email address: Gift 1: jsmith@gmail.com, Gift 2: ssmith@yahoo.com
  • Recipient(s) address: Gift 1: Jane Smith, 123 Main St, Dallas, TX 12345; Gift 2: Sally Smith, 123 Second St, Dallas, TX 12345
  • Gift Selection: Gift 1: Earrings, Gift 2: Bracelets (note: quantity will be purchased on next page)

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Type of Gift(s) you want to send (Earrings, Bracelets or Necklace)*
Check here to send the eCard in Spanish / Marque aquí para enviar la tarjeta electrónica en español

Donations in honor or memory of a loved one may also be made here. The Catholic Pro-Life Community will remember the special person you honored in its daily works and prayers, as well as at the daily Mass offered for its intentions. We will also notify honored recipients of your generosity at your request.