Dear Friend of Life,

We’re just 6 days away from Election Day, and we’re doing all we can to educate voters on the importance of voting, as a Catholic, to protect endangered innocent lives in our country.

What we’re doing is a lot. 

I’m excited to report that the success of our Share the Truth campaign is far outpacing our hopes and expectations!

We are getting the message of faithful citizenship out not just in our local community, where individuals who weren’t planning to vote at all now intend to vote their faith...

It’s also going out beyond our “base” of people who already understand the priority of voting for life and have only to share it with others...

...and thanks to the wonders of social media, our message is reaching people of all backgrounds and beliefs, across the country, including the “battleground” states.

We’ve even heard from folks outside the U.S., including an encouraging note from someone in Tanzania, East Africa!

We’re reaching many thousands, thanks to you!

Our “Share the Truth” results at last count include:

  • 488 new Facebook “likes”
  • 474% more people “talking about” our CPLC Facebook page
  • an increase in our weekly online outreach from 1,045 to an astounding 130,777

Our wider campaign including Texas and swing states has:

  • Reached 104,874 individuals who saw our faithful voting campaign ads
  • Achieved a frequency of 3, which means the average number of times each person saw the campaign ads
  • Received 214 click-throughs, which is the number of users who interacted with the campaign by "clicking" on the ad to view our specially-designed election site.

And through a special gift that enabled us to focus on Ohio, we have:

  • Reached 74,027 Ohio residents using Facebook and Google
  • Achieved a frequency of 2.5 on Facebook ads
  • Received 83 click-throughs on Facebook and 56 click-throughs on Google to our Ohio election site.

And there’s more!

The Bishop Paprocki video we posted has reached 50,392 individuals, received 1,708 clicks, and has 1,081 Facebook users “talking about it,” while the Archbishop Chaput video has reached 22,732, received 801 clicks, and has 479 folks talking about it.

We also have a Google ad running, we’ve updated and added a number of special website pages and features, I was interviewed on Catholic radio about the project, and we’ve given additional Faithful Citizenship presentations in person at churches and at the recent UD Ministry Conference.

She wasn’t going to vote at all...
and now she will – as a faithful Catholic!

At one recent training, an attendee who was not going to vote at all said she will definitely vote now, as a faithful, informed Catholic; another attendee said she had never heard of the concept of abortion as an “intrinsic evil” and she now understands the significance of voting with her faith, as never before!

These transformational messages of why Catholics should vote and how to form their consciences and inform themselves before voting are getting out.  Online, on paper, on the radio and in person, these messages are getting around the mainstream media gateway, and they’re changing hearts and minds.

But is it enough? 

Do we really know? 

Will the pro-life movement be helped on November 6, or deeply set back?

I believe we can do more, and we must.  In the days remaining before Election Day, the last chance voters in our country have to go to the polls, let us as pro-lifers do all we can to remind our fellow Americans of the pre-eminent issue of protecting innocent life.

And remember that no matter the outcome, the CPLC will have work to do.  Far too many Catholics are confused about the moral act of voting and their God-given opportunity and responsibility to do their part to build a culture of life.

The CPLC is here to educate.  We’re here to motivate.  We’re here, with your help and your help alone, to save lives.

Please join us.  Be part of the success that we’re working and praying for, so desperately.

If you have not already participated, please make your gift today to our Share the Truth Voter Education Project so we can:
We need to spread the urgent message as far and wide as we can in the time that we have left that to vote as a faithful Catholic with a properly formed conscience is to vote to protect life, marriage, and religious freedom!   
Please help us with your gift today of $25, $50, $100 or more.  Lives depend upon our efforts.

Whatever you can give today, please, my dear pro-life friend, be sure to join our solemn prayers, not only for all who are suffering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, but for our beloved country.  How very much we need our God’s merciful love, and timely help!

Blessings in Christ, for Life,

Karen Garnett
Executive Director
Catholic Pro-Life Committee

P.S.  Please click here to make an immediate generous donation for our Share the Truth Project so that more Catholics and others of good will understand the Church’s teaching on primary, non-negotiable issues that must inform our consciences for voting ... and vote!