Advocacy Day

On April 9, a sea of blue descended on the state capitol, as Catholics from throughout Texas arrived in blue shirts to promote, life, justice, and religious liberty.  Approximately 75 delegates from Dallas led by Bishop Mark Seitz joined 12 bishops and over 1,000 fellow advocates.

As Bishop Farrell explains, “The Church teaches that all Catholics should participate as ‘faithful citizens’ in the public square”.  This obligation includes not only voting for our leaders but also dialoguing with those elected about the polices they support.  With one unified voice, Catholics advocated for policies assuring respect for the dignity of every person, including end-of-life care reform and protecting women’s health and the lives of the unborn.  It was a great day to not only share our faith with others, but also to learn and grow from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Possibly most inspiring was the number of youth who participated in Advocacy Day, including two Dallas Diocese youth groups from St. Mark parish in Plano and The Highlands School. 
They enthusiastically embraced their roles as faithful Catholic advocates and shared their experiences with us:

Advocacy day opened my eyes to the sheer number of Texas Catholics and the true impact that we can have on our society if we only bear witness to our faith through action.

 I really enjoyed . . . living out my call to be an active citizen.

The experience was amazing. . . .To see the community of Catholics come down to Austin to support the cause was really moving. 

It gave me . . . an opportunity to advocate for principles and morals that I believe in. 

Although 2013 Advocacy Day is over, your opportunity to be involved remains.  Be sure to respond to action alerts; with just one phone call or email, you can make a difference!

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