2013: An Exodus from Abortion
By Karen Garnett, Executive Director

It’s the new year − a time of hope, of expectations, of  resolutions.  What better time to re-commit ourselves to the battle for life!  While the road ahead to protect life, uphold marriage and defend liberty may at times appear steep, God’s grace will give us the strength to keep climbing.  This is the time for the Catholic culture warriors (that’s us!) to step up with even greater fervor than before to insist that our voice for life and liberty be heard.  We must “be firm, steadfast, always fully devoted to the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord [our] labor is not in vain.” (1 Cor 15:58, 11/7/12 Mass Reading).  Continue

A Conference Brings Hope and Healing
By Lacy de la Garza, The Rachel Ministries

This past November, the Catholic Pro-Life Committee hosted the Post-Abortion Pastoral and Professional Conference, offering insight to the effects of abortion on women, men, and their families.  The two-day conference addressed the simple question, “How can we help?”  Experts in post-abortion trauma provided the ministerial and therapeutic response to the growing need to assist those hurting from an abortion.  Attendance exceeded 200, including local clergy, mental health professionals, and interested laity from Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.  Continue

Me of Little Faith
By Rebecca Thompson, Sidewalk Counselor

I talked with a young man (I’ll call him Samuel) who had just exited from the abortion facility.  He was a nice looking man, clean shaven, neatly dressed, in his 20’s or 30’s, strong.  I thought I recalled talking to the couple when they entered and giving them literature.  Now sitting in his car, he looked so sad... hurting... somber.  But composed.  He was smoking a cigarette (not unusual for the fathers to do that), but it didn’t look to be something he did very much.  She, the mother of his child, had just gone “to the back” (to the abortion room).  Now the wait.  Continue

Dallas did it again!
By Becky Visosky, Director of Communications

Thanks to the devotion of thousands, Dallas was once again the largest 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in the world!  The Dallas faithful have taken up the mantle as citizens of the city where Roe began and sent a message to the world that the precious unborn have a voice here! 

It was voices whispered in prayers, joined in unison with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and even raised in song, that made the difference.  God heard our voices and responded!  Continue

A 'Tribute to a Great Golf Tournament!
We broke all the records at the 12th Annual CPLC Classic Pro-Life Charity Golf Tournament held October 22, 2012 at the premier Tribute Golf Club, with the most golfers, the most life-saving proceeds raised, and for the first time, the presentation of the Bishop’s Cup by a bishop – Auxiliary Bishop Mark Seitz!  Save the date for next year at The Tribute on October 21, 2013.  Special thank you to committee members Bill Dowd, Bill Orender, Paul Stanzel and Erv Prince for their part in making this our most successful tournament to date.  
Warren Norris, Mike Murray, Richard Chambers, and Bob Hettler (All Saints/St. Mark - Plano) at CPLC Classic
Thanks also to all our business sponsors listed at  We invite you to support them, because they support lifeSee more pictures here.
Father Jason Cargo and GEMS Moms

On Nov. 17, the CPLC hosted its 7th annual Christ Child Christmas
Market and Luncheon.  Along with Christ-centered gift shopping, guests enjoyed an inspiring program featuring Father Jason Cargo’s reflection on the significance of the Annunciation when the Virgin Mary welcomed the arrival of the Christ Child, first as a child in her womb.  We also celebrated four other mothers at the luncheon − our most recent graduates of the Gabriel Education Ministry & Support (GEMS) program.  
GEMS Graduates Shaniqua Brown, Marie Mangong, Katharine Plunkett and Zaida Aguillon
A Whole New Kind of Pro-Lifer
By Katie Green, Development Assistant

The day my son was born, my husband and I welcomed a bundle of blessings – a big bundle at that!  He was a whopping 9 pounds!  To the nurses, he was huge, but to me, everything seemed so small.  There he was, all his little parts tucked up into a teeny little blanket.  My perfect, beautiful Benjamin.

Having your first child, as many of you know, is so miraculous.  I’m exceedingly grateful that Benjamin was conceived during an age when we could see our little “boxer” as he punched away just 9 weeks after conception.  God’s continuous revelation, through advancing technology, has given us a tangible picture of what life looks like, even at the very beginning.  Since that day, I became a whole new kind of “pro-lifer.”  Continue
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Becky Visosky, Director of Communications
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