"Say not, 'I am too young.' To whomever I send you, you shall go; whatever I command you, you shall speak. Have no fear because I am with you," says the Lord. ~ Jeremiah 1:7

Roe v. Wade:  40 Years of Broken Promises

Session 1: June 28 - 30 or
Session 2: July 26 - 30
University of Dallas, Irving, Texas

Youth For Life Pro-Life Boot Camp is one of the best opportunities for young people (high school, ages 14-17) to become involved in the work of the pro-life movement. 

The Catholic Pro-Life Committee, together with the Respect Life Office of the Diocese of  Fort Worth, is offering two Boot Camp sessions of total pro-life immersion:  Session 1 is a weekend version, June 28 - 30, and Session 2 is 5 days, July 26 - 30

Activities include praying at abortion centers, talks from experts, skits, testimonials, Mass and the sacraments, and volunteer projects.  Both sessions will feature Theology of the Body Evangelization Team and The Crossroads Pursuit: Marcellino and Anthony D’Ambrosio, plus a viewing of the pro-life short film Crescendo and more!
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Below are the important dates for Boot Campers, plus much-needed Chaperones and Junior Staff:

 For more information, visit  prolifedallas.org/bootcamp
Youth For Life Pro-Life Boot Camp is co-sponsored by the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas, Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Dallas, and the Respect Life Office of the Diocese of Fort Worth