LIGHTBULB: NYC writer asks ‘Why Won’t the Mainstream Media Cover Planned Parenthood Honestly?’

January 15, 2010

James O’Keefe may have come to everyone’s attention when he and Hannah Giles posed as a pimp and a prostitute and videotaped the ACORN workers but his other venture into investigative journalism has been largely ignored by the MSM. His target was Planned Parenthood and we know that abortion and the reproduction rights of women are sacred cows to the majority of journalists. I wonder how many taxpayers know that their dollars are funding black genocide and supporting statutory rape.

That sounds awfully harsh, doesn’t it and yet how can one explain what goes on behind the closed doors of a PP clinic? I guess that’s what O’Keefe wanted to learn when he teamed up with Lila Rose, the editor of a UCLA pro-life publication The Advocate and videotaped undercover operatives at PP clinics pretending to be underage teens with adult boyfriends.

Ms. Rose also had an actor (some reports say it was O’Keefe) place a call pretending to be a potential donor who specifically only wanted his money to go for the abortion of black babies. Was the Planned Parenthood worker shocked? Not at all and said, “whatever.”

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