Double your impact by December 31!

Gifts made by December 31, 2017 will be matched to go twice as far! Please help us reach our goal to raise $50,000 in matched funds to save more lives, heal more hearts and inspire more minds in 2018.  Thank you!

Giving Tip:  Make your gift go even further by checking with your employer about matching-gift opportunities!


Item Description Price Select
1) Matched Gift

$10,000 can LIGHT the path to a Culture of Life for 1 2 weeks

2) Matched Gift

$5,000 can TRANSFORM the future of 3 6 at-risk families through education

3) Matched Gift

$2,500 can INSPIRE 500 1,000 teens about the beauty of life and chastity

4) Matched Gift

$1,500 can SUPPORT 2 4 pregnant mothers from crisis to safety

5) Matched Gift

$500 can HEAL 3 6 people suffering from a past abortion experience

6) Matched Gift

$236 can SAVE 1 2 babies from abortion through life-saving counseling

7) Matched Gift

$100 can EVANGELIZE 5 10 families at pro-life community events

8) Matched Gift

$50 can TRAIN 2 4 student clubs to become pro-life leaders

9) Matched Gift

Every gift of any amount will make a difference!

Life Partner

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Life Partner

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Memorial Gift

In Honor / Memory of a loved one (please fill out information in note section at checkout) 


Please note: The above descriptions of donations are for illustrative purposes only to provide examples of the financial needs of the CPLC's various ministries and do not indicate specific application of any gift. Unless otherwise specified by the donor in the "note" section at checkout, all donations received online are categorized as "unrestricted".  Thank you for your support!