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We invite you to leave a comment in the box below to share how Father Robinson touched your life.

In Loving Memory of Father Edward Mathias "Matt" Robinson, O.P.


Father Edward Mathias ("Matt") Robinson, O.P., passed away peacefully Thursday evening, March 29, 2012, at 9:25pm CDT in Irving.  He was born on May 13, 1914, joined the St. Joseph Province of the Dominican Order in 1935, and was ordained to the priesthood on June 7, 1941.  

Fr. Robinson dedicated a lengthy period of his life in the Diocese of Dallas and served well, upholding Sacred Doctrine and possessing an immense love for the people, for his brother and sister Dominicans, for his beloved Diocese, for the Sacraments, and for God Who Is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He loved the Holy Scriptures and faithfully proclaimed God's Holy Word with his words and actions.  He was a model religious and priest.

For over 20 years, Fr. Robinson served as a teacher at Bishop Lynch High School and later Cistercian Preparatory.  He also served as a spiritual director to many of the University of Dallas staff and students.  Fr. Robinson's final and most passionate ministry was as a Pro-Life Coordinator for the Diocese of Dallas which he served in for 38 years.

A learned teacher, preacher, and confessor, Fr. Robinson, known as "the Patriarch of the Pro-Life Movement in Dallas," was a steadfast voice and presence on behalf of the sacredness of life for four decades.  His preaching called all of us to promote life and to trust in an infinitely loving and merciful God.  He helped shepherd the conversion of Norma McCorvey, "Roe" of the historic case Roe v. Wade which ushered in legalized abortion and the deaths of tens of millions of innocent unborn babies in this country.  He also published Fetal Life and Abortion in 1975 and maintained an excellent web site for the pro-life movement at  He is fittingly the namesake of the Pro-Life Person of the Year Award given annually at the Bishop's Pro-Life Dinner in Dallas since its inception in 1994.

Services for Fr. Robinson were held at the Church of the Incarnation, University of Dallas in Irving, as follows:

  • Sunday, April 1 – Viewing and Wake from 2 - 5 p.m., followed by the Office for the Dead at 5 p.m.
  • Monday, April 2 – 10 a.m., Mass of Christian Burial, preceded by visitation at 9 a.m. and followed by burial at Calvary Hill Cemetery in Dallas.  Father Robinson was laid to rest just a few feet away from the Memorial to the Unborn, the grave of more than 1,000 aborted babies, where he faithfully participated in the annual "Cemetery of the Innocents" Memorial Service each year since the grave site was established in 1984.

We are all so very grateful for this dear man, Dominican religious, priest and "pro-life saint."  Let us give thanks for Fr. Robinson's exemplary life as we pray for the repose of his soul.    

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.  Amen.

Donations may be made in Fr. Robinson's memory to the Southern Dominican Province, 1421 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 200, Metairie, LA 70001-4144, or in honor of his service to the pro-life cause to the Catholic Pro-Life CommitteeRespect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Dallas, by clicking here.


We invite you to leave a comment in the box below to share how Father Robinson touched your life.

Added by Sister Mary Paul Haase,

Father Robinson was my high school physics teacher. I remember his expression, "Get the physics." When I saw him many years later, at the pro-life events and at the Dominican priory, I was inspired by his life as a religious. I want to be as dedicated as he was.
Added by Anonymous

Father Robinson was the first person to introduce me to what sidewalk counseling is all about at the old, now- closed abortion center where Norma McCorvey worked before her conversion. I will never forget his quiet, dignified, gentle, loving and prayerful presence. He knew how to just be there in a most powerful way, a conduit for the working of the Holy Spirit in transforming souls. Thank you, dear Father Robinson--I love you. We know you will stay with us in spirit, helping us along the pro-life way. We will pray for you as we know you will pray for us!
Added by Anonymous

I had the honor of meeting Fr. Robinson last year at the 28th Annual Gravesite Memorial Service at Calvary Hill Cemetery.
A truely dedicated and inspiring priest who
moves us to continue our fight for the right to life of the unborn. I will continue to do my best in this ministry. May he enjoy God's Given Peace. Alfonzo (Al)
Ramirez Jr., Pro-Life Committee, St. Michael the Archangel, Grand Prairie, Tx.
Added by Anonymous

The Dominican Order needs about 6 new young men to continue the good works. Let us pray for him; he will surely be praying for the continuation of God's work here.
Added by Dan and Bettina Hennessy

Father Robinson kept the faith and served the Church as a humble priest. He reflected the love of Christ. His resume will shine throughout eternity.
Added by Dee Dickinson

Anyone who had the honor to meet Fr. Robinson recognized immediately that they were in the presence of a truly holy priest. His life was a shining example for all of us. He will be sorely missed. We will not see his like again. Rest in peace, Father. And please pray for us.
Added by kathy potenza

My dad was his brother. So I am his niece. I knew "Uncle Ed" since I was about 4 years old. He was always there with his gentle, calm, kind and loving presence. We wrote many letters back and forth for many years. I could always go to him with any problem I was having and he would give me his calm answers.
Back in 1966 we traveled to Duluth, MN for a family reunion. I remember riding in the front seat of our Ford station wagon between my dad and Uncle Ed. I can remember his presence. He would always have some "project" for us to work on with him or he would show us card tricks when he visited us. He was always such a source of wisdom and love. I know that I have had a special protection from harm all of my life, because of how close to God he genuinely was and he was always praying for us.
I will miss him but I know that it must be so wonderful for him to finally see God face to face.
Added by Fonda Luersman

Fr. Robinson was a spiritual father to me and a very special friend. The beauty of his life inspires us to "lay down our lives" for others as he did. Such an example of Christ here on earth. We will miss you so much Fr. Robinson but we are counting on your continued prayers. Thank you for your gift of priesthood and example to us all.
Added by C D Rossini Jr.

The virtue of faithfulness is so needed by Christian men today. The constant, loving and steadfast ministry of Fr. Robinson is a shining example to men that is is possible, and joyful, so respond to God's vocation for us every single day. May we follow his example of steadfast love and service.
Added by Kirk Kuykendall

In my humble opinion, at least from limited observable experience and what I know of his life from others, Fr. Robinson was one of those few people one encounters in life who is probably canonizable. I am sure some will smile or laugh, but I hope someone considers taking up his cause.

I think he was a man of deep prayer and when he was not in deep prayer, he was gently loving everyone with encouragement and often a smile, especially children. He seemed always ready to bless children with joy. Furthermore, his intellectual gifts and simplification of St. Thomas for the masses were truly gifts to be appreciated.

I did not know Fr. Robinson personally, but these type of people exude God and you cannot help but know God is real through them.

May he rest in peace and quickly enter heaven!
Added by Fr. Dominic Colangelo

I had the honor of living in community with Fr. Matt as one of his brothers in the Order of Preachers. Fr Matt was a remarkable human being. Despite his age and the problems with his "pacer" he was truly an energizer bunny, whether it was getting up early to open the doors of the priory so the faithful could come to mass, answering the hundreds of calls he would receive weekly at the door of the priory for confession from the kids at the university, his work on the pro-life website, and even in his preparation for preaching. Fr Matt was an energizer bunny scooting along with his walker. The energy that propelled Fr. Matt was zeal for the salvation of souls and this zeal was fueled by his intense prayer life. In my experience, Fr. Matt was a man of deep prayer. He was almost always the first person in the chapel in the morning, except if he slept in, a very rare event at that and every night after finishing the evening meal and helping to clear the kitchen Matt could be found in the chapel with his beloved friend Jesus saying his night prayers and preparing for mass the following day. On Tuesday 3/27/2012 I had the opportunity to see Matt for the last time on this side of heaven. He was surrounded by his numerous friends and companions, and it was as if I was watching the scene at the foot of the cross. I was deeply moved by this act of love on the part of the pro-life community to be with their beloved Father and mentor in his crucifixion. We were truly blessed with knowing and loving a living saint. Matt pray for us that we may be as faithful and zealous for the salvation of souls as you were.
Added by Caitlyn Plowman

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Added by Diane Yates

In all the years that I was associated with Fr. Robinson, I observed that he was a truly holy man - a gentle spirit - very humble.
Added by Bernadette Buchanan

Father Robinson married my mom and dad and baptized my little brother and and one of my little sisters. I didn't know him well, but his cheerful, joyful attitude toward life was an inspiration to me.
Rest in peace, Father, and please pray for us still living.
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