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Item Description Price Qty
1) Champion of LIfe

Help all our ministries protect LIFE from womb to tomb. Premium Table Benefits

2) Defender of Life

Help all our frontline ministries defend the gift of LIFE. Premium Table Benefits

3) Guardian of Life

Help all our education ministries build a culture of LIFE. Premium Table Benefits

4) Advocate for Life

Help all our outreach ministry advocate for the right to LIFE. Premium Table Benefits

5) Protector of Life

Help the CPLC save LIVES. Premium Table Benefits

6) Patron of Life

2 Tables of 4 (will increase on March 11)

7) Single Seat

Individual ticket (price will increase on March 11)

Virtual Dinner Ticket

Charcuterie board for two and access to Livestream.

Virtual Dinner Ticket

Charcuterie board for one and access to Livestream.

A) One Raffle Ticket

Enter to win $10,000!

B) Four Raffle Tickets

Save $30!

C) Eight Raffle Tickets

Save over $100!

Dinner Scholarship

I would like to donate for clergy, religious,
seminarians or students to attend the dinner

Dinner Underwriting

I want to donate to help underwrite the event.