2015 Roe Memorial Events

North Texas March for Life - "On the Road to Victory!"Thank You, Pro-Life North Texas!!

**Save the Date: 2016 Roe Memorial Events - January 16, 2016**

On January 17, 2015, thousands of North Texans came together to offer prayers for the 56 million lives lost to the tragedy of abortion and march "On the Road to Victory" in recognition and celebration of the many successes this past year for the cause of life, including increased abortion regulations, the closure of many abortion facilities across the state, and a decrease in the number of abortions in Texas.  Although there have been incredible legal advances for the culture of life in Texas, Bishop Farrell reminds us that "it is Christ’s incarnation and victory over the cross that most inspire and compel us on this road to defend the sanctity of His most precious gift to us – LIFE, both on earth and eternal!"

2015 Roe Memorial Mass concelebrated by Bishops Farrell, Olson, and Deshotel

Once again, this year's Roe Memorial Mass took place at the convention center in downtown Dallas with thousands in attendance to celebrate the holy Mass with Bishops Kevin Farrell, Michael Olson and Douglas Deshotel and many diocesan priests, deacons and seminarians.  Father Benjamin Cieply, L.C. gave the inspiring homily, drawing thoughtful correlations between the rousing sporting events that usually draw people to the convention center arena and the incredible sacramental "spectacle" of the Mass celebrating the Victory of the ultimate Champion -- Jesus Christ. 

Before Mass, nearly 400 people prayed at the Roe Memorial Rosaries outside the Southwestern and Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.  As these prayers were raised up, six mothers chose life after being counseled outside the Routh Street abortion facility.  Praise God!  And youth enjoyed a Youth Concert led by World Youth Day Musician Curtis Stephan prior to the start of Mass.    

Bishop Farrell joins Bikers for LifeAt the close of Mass, and a parallel praise and worship service for our Protestant brothers and sisters, the ever-growing, always-inspiring North Texas March for Life began with approximately 12,000 people transforming the streets of downtown Dallas.  Possibly the most amazing sight to see, however, was our own Bishop Farrell accepting the invitation of Bikers for Life and Knights on Bikes to ride with them at the head of the March!  What he won't do for LIFE!!  

The March concluded at the rally emceed by Kyleen Wright of Texans for Life outside the Earle Cabell federal courthouse housing the district court where Roe was first filed in 1970.  Bishop Olson opened the rally in prayer, followed by Bishop Farrell's words of encouragement for everyone committed to the battle for life, and then the impactful words of Rebecca Carrell, co-host of Mornings with Jeff and Rebecca on 90.9 KCBI, Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas, Jonathan Pitts from The Urban Alternative, and Irene Castaneda with her daughter who shared her personal testimony as a mother who chose life.

Robinson's abortion facility leveled to the ground

That evening, long after all the crowds ventured home, CPLC Executive Director Karen Garnett visited the site of Robinson's former abortion facility on Record Crossing where a closing service was recently held. She had heard that the demolition equipment had been moved onto the property the night before.  As only God would do, she found that on the very day that thousands were praying and marching for life "On the Road to Victory" in downtown Dallas, this place of such unspeakable sorrow and brokenness indeed had been leveled to the ground!  As she drove away from this place where so many thousands of innocents had died and untold tears had been shed by thousands of hurting mothers, the words of Our Savior echoed in her head and tugged at her heart, "It is finished."  Thank You, Jesus, for the Victory over abortion and sin and brokenness that comes from You.  It was a profound and momentous ending to an amazing day for LIFE.  

Let us continue to pray and witness together "On the Road to Victory" until every abortion facility is closed in Dallas, in Texas, in the nation, in the world, and the killing has finally and forever ended.   

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