2016 Roe Memorial Events

**Save the Dates for 2017: January 13 & 14**

Thank You, Pro-Life North Texas!! 

2016 Roe Memorial Mass


On January 16, 2016, thousands of North Texans came together to "Speak LIFE to this present darkness" -- standing united against the culture of death and as witnesses to God's enduring love for all those lost to and victimized by abortion. Bishop Farrell led the day's events, enjoining all those there to to "be Christ’s light in the darkness and messengers of His merciful grace to the suffering."

Once again, this year's Roe Memorial Mass took place at the convention center in downtown Dallas with thousands in attendance to celebrate the holy Mass with Bishops Kevin Farrell and Douglas Deshotel and many diocesan priests, deacons and seminarians.  Father Edwin Leonard gave the inspiring homily, reminding us to remember who the real enemy is -- not the politicians, abortionists, or even the culture, but rather the evil one who capitalizes on the fear that having a child means your life is forever changed for the worse.  It is incumbent upon us to be loving truth-tellers -- that a pregnant woman is already mother; her life is already changed, but she is not alone.  We, as her family, are there for her. 

2016 Rally for Life

Before Mass, nearly 300 people prayed at the Roe Memorial Rosaries outside the Southwestern and Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.  As these prayers were raised up, two mothers chose life.  Praise God!  After the rosaries, the events at the convention center began with a rousing Concert for Life featuring Jesus Team A, Tori Harris and Tom Grossman. The Procession of Roses followed with 43 children, teens and adults representing the million children lost to abortion each year.  After the final rose was placed on the altar by a pregnant mother representing the children of 2016, the Mass celebration began with voices of the Santa Clara Academy Children's choir.

At the close of Mass, and a parallel Call to Prayer for our Protestant brothers and sisters, the North Texas March for Life began. Despite the inclement weather, over 7,000 people took to the streets of downtown Dallas, this year led by the celebratory sounds of the Matachina dancers all the way to the Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse housing the district court where Roe was first filed in 1970. 

2016 Rally for Life Speakers

At the courthouse, the rally commenced with Christ for the Nations' musical performance followed by emcee Karen Garnett welcoming everyone with an enthusiastic chant of "Speak LIFE".  Bishop Farrell then shared his words of encouragement for everyone committed to the battle for life, followed by youth and young adult leader Mariana Schroeder who addressed our Spanish-speaking attendees, then national evangelical leader Dr. Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, and finally former abortion worker Jewels Green who shared her harrowing journey leaving the industry and finding healing from her own abortion.  And Tati Martinez of Christ for the Nations Ya Basta group closed the rally in prayer.


Thanks to everyone who helped make this an incredible day for life, including our event partners Texans for Life and the Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Fort Worth, as well as the Knights of Columbus and many volunteers whose generous assistance makes these events possible.  

Let us continue to pray "Speak LIFE" until every abortion facility is closed in Dallas, in Texas, in the nation, in the world, and the killing has finally and forever ended.   

Mark your calendar for 2017 Roe Memorial Events on January 14, 2017 with Bishop's Farrell and Kelly at the Dallas convention center.