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Tom Clark

State Pro-Life Chairman
Texas Knights of Columbus

Please help me reach my goal to support LIFE:  
$2,000 by midnight on December 31.
Raised so far: $50.00

How I became a pro-life advocate:

So the Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner was to be my first pro-life event ever. I sat there and enjoyed my dinner, eyeing my dessert the whole time. Then IT happened. A young mom was introduced who was holding a baby about six months of age. This mom was going into an abortion clinic to abort that very child, but was intercepted by a CPLC sidewalk counselor. As she stood up there and bravely told her story, a thousand different thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me. Watching her cry and say that her baby, that she was about to kill months prior, was her greatest gift, caused me to become a true Pro Life advocate… it changed my life forever.  Today I am the State Pro-Life Chairman for the Texas Knights of Columbus and I am the President of Hike for Life, Texas’ oldest pro-life event. A lot of time has passed since that fateful dinner, but rarely a day goes by where I don’t find myself reflecting on that mom and her sweet little one. I just wish He didn’t have such a sense of humor… now I’m diabetic… oh well, I’ll still have my dessert at the next Pro-Life Dinner.

With your help, the Catholic Pro-Life Committee can continue to help moms and save babies like the first young mom I heard so many years ago.  Every gift helps. Any amount counts. Thank you!

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