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 We strongly encourage Mass and March attendees to use DART.   It is an easy and cost  efficient way to get to the Roe Memorial Events.

The Best Way to Go to Roe ... Ride the Dart!One-Day DART pass is $5.00.  Red and Blue Rail Lines both stop directly at the Convention Center Station.

Free parking is available at the nearby Mockingbird Station, 5465 E. Mockingbird Lane at Central, with Red and Blue lines running directly to the Convention Center Station, 727 S. Lamar St. at Memorial.

For those persons attending the rosary: 

  • At Southwestern abortion facility: You may take the Red line from the Park Station, 8169 Park Lane at Greenville (where public parking is available) to the Convention Center Station, 727 S. Lamar St. at Memorial.
  • At Planned Parenthood abortion facility:  You may take the Blue Line from the Ledbetter Station, 2006 E. Ledbetter Drive at Lancaster, or the Red Line from the Westmoreland Station, 2646 S. Westmoreland Road at Illinois Ave, to the Convention Center Station, 727 S. Lamar St. at Memorial.   Public parking should be available at both the Ledbetter and Westmoreland Stations.

Please note:  The walk from the Convention Center DART stop to the entrance of the Convention Center is about 10 minutes.

For further information you may contact DART #214-979-1111 for fees and schedules or visit www.dart.org.