Safe Environment

CPLC employees and all volunteers serving with our youth and vulnerable adults or working in the office must observe all Safe Environment screening procedures for the Catholic Pro-Life Community (CPLC) before participating in any of the ministries or office work. Once a volunteer/employee is cleared through any parish or school within the Diocese of Dallas’ Safe Environment program, he/she is cleared throughout the whole diocese and can volunteer in all ministries without having to repeat the Safe Environment New Volunteer process again. However, the CPLC Safety Director must have received the required documentation from the parish/school verifying the Safe Environment status before the volunteer may be active in CPLC Ministries or office work.

Volunteers receiving their Safe Environment from a Non Parish Based Organization (NPBO) or from another diocese may volunteer for one event only after receiving verification. An Ongoing Volunteer from a NPBO or another diocese must complete their Safe Environment through CPLC.

The CPLC Volunteer Form is the first Safe Environment contact form that must be filled out by the prospective volunteer/employee.

Safe Environment clearance is required to volunteer in the CPLC office.

Safe Environment clearance is required to volunteer in the following Ministries or events:

  • Healing After Abortion / The Rachel Ministries
  • Convert-to-Life
    • Sidewalk Counselors
  • Project Gabriel
    • Gabriel Angels
    • GEMS
  • Hispanic Pastoral Ministry
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Youth For Life (YFL)
  • Roe Memorial
  • Bishop's Dinner

New CPLC Volunteers and Employees Who Have Completed the Dallas Diocesan Safe Environment in the Parish or School

If you have completed the Safe Environment somewhere in the Diocese of Dallas, documentation can be sent to the CPLC. Contact the Safety Director in your parish/school and have them mail a verification letter for a Non Parish Based Organization to:

Safety Director
Catholic Pro-Life Community
14675 Midway Road, Suite 121
Addison, TX 75001 

For more information, contact CPLC Safety Director, Elaine Wood at safetydirector@prolifedallas.org

Online Safe Environment Update Training for Volunteers and Employees

CPLC requires that all volunteers and employees receive Safe Environment Training once every 12 months to retain the "cleared" status.

Update training can be done on line by going to the diocesan web site.

  1. Select A Safe Environment.
  2. Select Update Training under Additional Resources on the left.
  3. Select one (only one) of the training topics listed and follow the prompts to complete the training.
  4. Print, complete, sign, and date the review.
  5. Fax the review to 972-385-3851 oryou can scan or email to the CPLC Director at safetydirector@prolifedallas.org

Click here for the Diocesan website.

Cplc Safe Environment Process for those volunteers who have not previously completed Dallas Diocesan Safe Environment in a Parish or School and All CPLC Employee Regardless of Whether They Have Previously Completed Dallas Diocesan Safe Environment In the Parish or School, Please Complete the Six (6) Steps Below.

1) Screening Form

Make sure the following has been completed on your screening form:

  1. Personal information. Include your email id on the front page. 
  2. Names, current active addresses, phone numbers and emails (if available) of three personal references (must be an acquaintance for at least 3 years and not an employer). References will be contacted. 
  3. SS# field accepts only the last 4 digits. 
  4. Hit “Submit”. If all data is complete, it will be submitted to the database for the CPLC Safety Director to retrieve. If not, it will return to you asking for some fields to be completed. If all fields are completed, you will see the last page of the Screening Form. Print this page, sign, date and fax to CPLC Safety Director, Elaine Wood, 972-385-3851.

2) Signed Acknowledgment Form 

The following policies must be read before signing the Acknowledgement Form:

Upon reading these please read and sign the Acknowledgment Form. The Acknowledgment Form states that the content of these documents has been read and understood.
Sign, date and fax the Acknowledgment Form to CPLC Safety Director,  972-385-3851.

3) Criminal Background Check (CBC)

 CPLC Safety Director will order the CBC upon receipt of the above two items.

4) Interview

You will be interviewed by a representative of the ministry or the CPLC Safety Director.

5) Reference Checks

The CPLC Safety Director will contact the references. 

6) Safe Environment Family of Faith Training

All volunteers and employees must attend a Family of Faith Training in order to be cleared through Safe Environment. This training consists of a presentation by the Safety Director and the Family of Faith video narrated by Bishop Farrell. This training is offered on line by watching the Family of Faith Training video and answering the Family of Faith Training Review questions.

Don’t forget to print the review; complete it, sign and fax it to: Elaine Wood at 972-385-3851 or you can scan the review to safetydirector@prolifedallas.org
For those who do not have online available and/or prefer to attend a class we offer the following options:

Diocesan Classes

Family of Faith Classes are held periodically throughout the diocese. Check the diocesan web site for times and locations here. For assistance in finding a class, contact the CPLC Safety Director, at .

If you do attend a class, be sure to get your certificate of attendance and fax it to the CPLC Safety Director at 972-385-3851 or scan it to safetydirector@prolifedallas.org

Classes at the office with safe environment director

Family of Faith Classes are also held at our CPLC Office on Midway Road. To attend a class please let Safety Director know to set-up an appointment by calling 972-267-5433 or email safetydirector@prolifedallas.org


  1. Screening Form – complete on line; fax or scan signed release page
  2. Acknowledgment Form – sign & fax or scan after reading Policies
  3. Criminal Background Check – done by Safety Director
  4. Interview – done by Ministry Director or Safety Director
  5. References – contacted by Safety Director
  6. Training – take online training or attend a class in the Diocese and fax or scan the review to CPLC Safety Director
  7. Letter of Good Standing from parish

A volunteer or employee is not considered “cleared” by CPLC until the Safety Director has completed a review of the documentation, conducted the references and the Criminal Background Check. The Safety Director will send an email to the Ministry Director and volunteer/employee when this process is complete. A volunteer/employee should not start until the verification email is received.

Volunteers from another Diocese coming to a CPLC Event requiring Safe Environment:

Safe Environment from a NPBO or another diocese is good for one event only. If you are coming from another diocese or from a NPBO to participate in a Catholic Pro-Life Community event as a chaperone or other type volunteer requiring Safety Environment Documentation and have completed the Safe Environment in your diocese or NPBO, send documentation on a parish/school/diocesan or NPBO letterhead signed by a person in authority showing the following:

  1. Safe Environment Training Completed and the date
  2. Criminal Background Check indicates “Clear” and the date
  3. The next update is due and the date
Fax to 972-385-3851 or scan to safetydirector@prolifedallas.org. This document is good for one event only. 
For more information, contact the CPLC Safety Director at
Reporting Abuse

Additional Forms and Handouts


Volunteers and Employees who drive clients on behalf of CPLC are required to have on file with CPLC a current:

  1. Driving Record. A Motor Vehicle Release Form (MVR) is required in order for the CPLC Safety Officer to secure the Driving Record.  If you will be driving clients while representing CPLC please print the MVR Form below. Complete the form and fax it to 972-385-3851. 
  1. Proof of Insurance Form. If you will be driving clients while representing CPLC please print the Proof of Insurance Form below. Complete the form and fax it to 972-385-3851.
  1. Proof of Insurance provided by insurance company for the automobile you will be using and showing your name as insured. Fax a copy to 972-385-3851. 

Safe Environment Director Contact Information

 Safe Environment Director
Catholic Pro-Life Community

972-267-LIFE (5433), fax: 972-385-3851