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Don't Tell Mama BandDon't Tell Mama Band

Tenth Avenue North

Featured Performer

Tenth Avenue North, named after the street where two of its founding members lived in college, is made up of band members who were born into Christian households and raised in church. Inspired by their family’s faith, but wanting to make it their own, these artists were determined to speak Christian truths in a new and different way. They endeavored to produce music that was unique and compelling.

Lead singer and band founder, Mike Donehey, began his musical journey after a near-death car accident fractured his skull and vertebrae. He was told he would never walk again. Two months later, through hard work and God’s grace, he was up and moving. While recovering, he picked up a guitar and almost never put it down. After this harrowing experience, he met fellow-band founder and brother in Christ, Jason Jamison. Together, they began Tenth Avenue North. Since hitting the national stage, Mike has never been one to shy away from difficult topics, both in his songs and refreshingly honest reflections.

Mike Donehey “is just as much of a speaker and pastor as he is a singer!! If not more! It's like music is just another facet of his ministry and how he shares with people about God.”

Tenth Avenue North (or TAN as their fans call them) has long been known for the depth and vulnerability of their songwriting since their first gold album spawning multiple hits in 2008. In 2009, the Gospel Music Association honored TAN as New Artist of the Year, and in 2010, they were nominated as Group of the Year, and won Song of the Year. The band gained further momentum with their albums, The Light Meets the Dark, and The Struggle, which populated radio and church events with memorable songs such as “You Are More.” This anthem of mercy and forgiveness gained the attention of the pro-life community, connecting with those who suffer with the weight of a past abortion. Since then the band has released Cathedrals, and most recently, Followers¸ with the No. 1 Christian radio hit, “What You Want.”

We are thrilled to welcome Tenth Avenue North for an evening of personal reflections on truth, grace and mercy, coupled with an intimate, acoustic performance. Check out the song that touched the pro-life, healing community and one of Mike's "teaching videos" about TAN's music below.

"You Are More"
by Tenth Avenue North
"We have this Hope"
Teaching Video by Mike Donehey
"You Are More"
by Tenth Avenue North
"We have this hope"
Teaching Video by Mike Donehey