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In-Kind Donations

As fees collected from campers do not cover the actual costs of the camp, assistance with in-kind donations is a great help to making Boot Camp possible. If you can help with any of these needs, please contact Youth For Life Director Jacquelyn Smith at 469-399-7495 or . We need everything listed below, but starred items are the greatest need. Thank you!

  • 200 personal bottles of Gatorade (for both camps) *
  • Dinner for 30 staff (June 12-15 and Friday, July 27) *
  • Pizzas for 75 (Friday, July 27) *
  • Sack lunch items for 75 for our service day: soda cans, individually wrapped cookies, chips, etc… (for both camps)*
  • 120 Flowers to take to the Cemetery of Innocents (for both camps) *
  • Snacks for 75 for movie night (for both camps)
  • 2-3 large coolers (to borrow and return) (for both camps)
  • 60-80 welcome goodie bags for campers and staff (for both camps)
  • 15 wide rolls masking tape
  • Gas gift cards in $10 amount to reimburse drivers during camp
  • Poster board (white and colors)
  • Hardcover copies of Shorter Christian Prayer (20 copies to be reused every year)
  • Coffee, liquid creamer, sugar and snacks for 30 adults/chaperones (for both camps)
  • Gift certificates to craft stores to buy supplies
  • Cookies and refreshments for skit night for 150 – this includes families (for both camps)
  • Sponsorship for the following:
    • Speakers, band and clergy - $6,000*
    • Scholarships for Youth, Jr. Staff and Chaperones - $100 - $260 per person*
    • T-shirts - $2,000*
    • Lunch for Day Campers $2,500*
    • Religious items for the youth - $400
    • Prayer Books for use at the abortion facilities - $400
    • 10 week fetal models for the campers - $200
    • Bus fees - $4,000*
    • Thank you gifts for staff - $600* 

Items may be dropped off at the CPLC office, but we strongly prefer that they be brought directly to the camp location. There is a lot that needs to be transported to Boot Camp and having some items already there really helps! Day Camp is June 13-16 and Overnight camp is July 27-31. You can make delivery arrangements when you contact Youth For Life concerning your donation. Thank you!