In current conditions, the needs of the most vulnerable have become more urgent, particularly in the face of the

  • abortion providers willing to argue all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court for the “right” to keep killing during a health crisis;
  • moms losing their jobs, being threatened with eviction, and not being able to find the most basic supplies for their families; and
  • suffering hearts, who are tormented in solitude by the grief and guilt of a past abortion.

With your help, the Catholic Pro-Life Community is responding:

Our Frontline Team of counselors, supported in prayer and clothed in protective gear, are standing in the gap outside abortion facilities.

Amidst the opening and closing and reopening of these facilities locked in legal battles with the state, our counselors have been the one constant -- offering Christ's love and real help for those in crisis.  Read about the amazing blessings on the sidewalk during these difficult days here.

Our Project Gabriel Team is likewise committed to the continuing care of the mothers and families we serve. They have found creative solutions in these challenging conditions – moving material distribution to back porches and classes and counseling sessions online, as well as navigating resources and providing critical financial assistance.  Many of our moms have shared what it has meant to still have a lifeline during this time:

"I lost my job, but thanks to God through Project Gabriel, I was able to have a roof over my head, things my son needs, things I need. I can never thank them enough."

"Project Gabriel has offered all kinds of help, but what has impacted me the most is the emotional support. I don’t have any family here in the DFW. I tend to get depressed and lonely.  But ever since I joined Project Gabriel, I have a group of beautiful angels ready to pray for us and help how they can."

Our support and referral network is not only present for these vulnerable mothers and their children, but also for those who are suffering the loss of a child through abortion, often made more acute by the current social isolation.  

Our Project Rachel and Joseph Teams are devoted to providing compassionate, helpline support without interruption, and walking with those who are hurting until they can join us safely on retreat. As one women shared when she reached our helpline, 

"I didn’t think you would be there….I have waited a long time to go on this retreat, since I know I need it, and now that I know I am ready…. I thought I was too late. Too late because of the virus…I thought everyone would be gone. You are there!"

In addition to these crisis efforts, our Education Team is providing online opportunities for Gospel of Life education and evangelization for our students and families in English and Spanish. In the words of one our educators:

"This is what we have been needing! Thank you! Something to squarely place in our parents' hands! Keep up the good work, you all!  Thank you for your beautiful ministry!"

This is all made possible thanks to YOU -- the members of the Catholic Pro-Life Community.  Your support is critical in this crisis.  You can give the GIFT OF LIFE here.