The power of your gift will have
TWICE THE IMPACT in our community.

This year, your support will go even further thanks to a very generous challenge gift of $50,000. Your gift will be doubled to save more lives and transform more families. 

Giving Tip:  Make your gift go even further by checking with your employer about matching-gift opportunities!

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$10,000 will LIGHT the way for 5,000 students with Culture of Life materials and curriculum 

$10,000 ILUMINARÁ el camino para 5,000 estudiantes con con materiales y un currículo sobre de la Cultura de Vida


$5,000 will TRANSFORM  3 mom's future through Gabriel's Education Scholoriships and Ministry Support.

$5,000 TRANSFORMARÁ el futuro de 3 mamás a través de becas de la educación de Gabriel y el Apoyo Ministerial


$2,500 will INSPIRE 1,000 young adults about the beauty of life at all stages

$2,500 INSPIRARÁ 1,000 jóvenes adultos sobre de la belleza de la vida en todas sus etapas


$1,500 will SUPPORT 30 sets of materials and supplies for GEMS attendees

$1,500 APOYARÁ 30 juegos de materiales y suministros para los asistentes a GEMS


$1,000 will HEAL 5 who have suffered from abortion in the past by paying their retreat fees

$1,000 SANARÁN 5 que hayan sufrido un aborto en el pasado, pagándoles los gastos de un retiro.


$500 will ENLIGHTEN  5 high school volunteers by hosting them at the 2024 Bishop's Pro-Life Dinner

$500 ILUMINARÁN a 5 voluntarios de preparatoria acogiéndolos en la Cena de Pro-Vida del Obispo de 2024


$250 will CONGRATULATE 2 mothers who have chosen life with a bag of necessities for their newborn

$250 FELICITARÁN 2 madres que han elegido salvar a su bebé con una bolsa de artículos necesarios para el recién nacido


$100 will TRAIN 25 students to become Pro-Life leaders in their schools 

$100 ENTRENARÁ25 estudiantes para que se conviertan en líderes de Pro-Vida en sus escuelas


$50 will TRAIN students to become Pro-Life leaders in their schools 

$50 ENTRENARÁestudiantes para que se conviertan en líderes de Pro-Vida en sus escuelas


GOLD Donation

Each gift of any amount will make a difference! 

¡Cada regalo de cualquier cantidad hará la diferencia!

Life Partner

Become a LIFE SUPPORTER with a quarterly contribution of ...

Conviértase en un Apoyador de la Vida con una contribución trimestral de ...

Life Partner

Become a LIFE SUPPORTER with a monthly contribution of ...

Conviértase en un Apoyador de la Vida con una contribución mensual de ...

Memorial Gift

in Honor/Memory of a loved one (fill out the information in the notes section at checkout)

En Honor/Memoria de un ser querido (llene la información en la sección de notas al finalizar su compra) 


Donations made in memory of Leah Shea may be made using the Memorial Gift option above.  Please enter her name in the Special Note section on the billing information page and her family will be notified of your gift.  Thank you for your generosity.

Please note: The above descriptions of donations are for illustrative purposes only to provide examples of the financial needs of the CPLC's various ministries and do not indicate a specific application of any gift. Unless otherwise specified by the donor in the "note" section at checkout, all donations received online are categorized as "unrestricted".  Thank you for your support!