In their words...

“If you have suffered the pain of abortion like myself, there was still something missing in my life… I felt such shame, so unworthy of happiness and peace, [and] no matter what I tried to do, there was still a huge hole in my heart. Someone had suggested that I go on a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. Although skeptical, I did, and I’m here today healed, hopeful and amazed at how God’s mercy and love have continued to affect my life. Many of us have been affected by the pain of abortion. You do not need to live this way anymore. There is hope and healing available. The Rachel Ministries can help."

 “I went to a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat and it was truly amazing.   I found God and his mercy, and began to dismiss the feelings of unworthiness that I’d felt for so long that kept me away from church. The most significant moment for me that weekend was when I confessed my sin of abortion to a priest . . . and felt forgiven by Christ. And that began my healing.”  

“I felt the Holy Spirit moving around, among and in us. God’s presence was there with its entire splendor manifested in the power of healing forgiveness. It was beautiful.”

“After struggling alone for years with the guilt, shame and remorse of my involvement with my girlfriend’s decision to abort our child, I finally found a ministry that recognized my need to get help.”   


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