Project Gabriel Angel Evaluation

Please note: Your responses will be used only for the purpose of pairing Gabriel Angels and moms. If you have questions or concerns about the self-evaluation please contact the Gabriel Angel Coordinator. All information is kept strictly confidential.

First Name*
Last Name*
Date of Training*
Who/what first encouraged you to become a Gabriel Angel?*
How do you see Project Gabriel as part of the Gospel of Life?*
What do you think might be some of the most pressing needs of unwed mothers?*
Thinking about a single/unwed mother: How do you feel about adoption?*
Thinking about a single/unwed mother: How do you feel about parenting?*
Thinking about a single/unwed mother: How do you feel about abortion?*
How would you feel about working with a woman who may have a history of substance abuse, promiscuous behavior, abortions, etc.?*
What are your attitudes toward persons of a different economic status, race, or religion?*
What has been your experience with persons of different economic status, race, and/or religion?*
What attitudes or habits of other people irritate you? (e.g. smoking, foul language, being late, etc.)*
How might you handle any behaviors listed above if your Gabriel mom displays them?*
What do you consider your special gifts or strengths?*
What do you consider your limitations or weaknesses?*
Think of a time when you have felt "pushed to the limit" by the requests or expectations of another person. How did you handle yourself in that situation?*
Think of a time when you had to resolve conflict but felt pressured or powerless to do so. What were your thoughts and feelings? How did you react?*
How supportive would you say your spouse/family is to you becoming involved in the Gabriel Ministry?*
What kind of practical knowledge or personal experience do you bring to this ministry?*
How do you perceive your own relationship with God?*
How would you convey the love you have for God to someone who may not feel as you do?*
How might you grow spiritually as a Gabriel Angel?*
What else should we know about you to better help us pair you with a Gabriel mom?
In what area of Project Gabriel are you most interested in volunteering?*


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Statement of Belief and Intent for Project Gabriel: 

An integral part of the Project Gabriel/GEMS program involves witnessing to the truth and beauty of our sexuality through such topics as abortion, birth control, sterilization, in-vitro fertilization, pornography, fornication and adultery.  The Church regards these as sinful behaviors because they are an attack on the dignity of the human person. During the course of the pairing, it may become necessary for an Angel to address these topics. This is an opportunity to witness to the Christian view of sexuality, marriage and family life, inviting the client to learn about chastity and fertility awareness, including Natural Family Planning (NFP) for those clients who are married.

I believe in the sanctity of life and the dignity of the human person.  In so doing I understand, accept, and promote the moral teachings of the Catholic Church regarding human sexuality in accordance with my state in life.  As a Gabriel Angel I pledge never to offer any counseling to a woman, or perform any action that could be interpreted as recommending birth control through abortion, contraceptive behaviors, in vitro fertilization, or sterilization. I will at all times be a witness to these teachings through my personal principles and practices. If in the future I am not able to do so, I will notify Project Gabriel/GEMS and withdraw as an Angel.


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