A full circle with Our Lady

December 22, 2014

A few weeks ago, a man came up to the sidewalk counselors outside the abortion facility and asked about the rosaries we hold. "I like those" he said. Of course he was offered one.
He told this story:
"My wife and I went to one of these places," he gestured with his thumb over his shoulder towards the abortion facility, "...over 14 years ago." He paused, "Then, it was one of 'you' who talked to us." He smiled. "Our daughter is now 14 years old."
The location of that abortion facility in 2000, per his description and later a few flying text messages, is most likely one of the two abortion facilities where Norma McCorvey ("Roe" of the U.S. Supreme Court Case Roe v. Wade) worked and eventually quit to start her journey towards her conversion to Christ. Both of those abortion facilities are now closed... just dirt remains. 
The sidewalk counselor picked a rosary out -- a special one. "This rosary was made by Angie [a parishioner of Mater Dei devoted to the cause of life] and Ms. Norma helps her," the sidewalk counselor explained.
The man smiled and took the rosary and the booklet of prayers that go with the rosary, cradling them carefully in his hands.
"This is for my daughter… my 14-year old," he said softly.
He lifted his head from gazing on the rosary, revealing a warm smile.  All of their smiles — smiles of wonder and awe — met one another. It wasn't about "thank you(s).” It was about feeling and sensing in some mysterious way Our Blessed Mother, and sharing her smile, on this day -- on her day -- the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Unborn.
Our Lady of Guadalupe is going to teach a 14-year old how to pray the Rosary... A Full Circle.  


Tags: Sidewalk Counseling, Stories from the Street

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