Bursting Through The Doors

February 27, 2018

The counselors watched her trudge up the hill as they prayed that she was going to a store a few blocks away instead of coming to the abortionist.  She had a phone in her hand that she checked constantly. Walking past the counselors, she turned when one of them said, “Good morning. Can we help you find something?”

Looking back down at her phone, she said, “I think I’m here.” The counselor asked what brought her there. Celia said she was pregnant, and she kept referring to “it” and wouldn’t say “baby.” The man had gotten her pregnant on purpose, she said. She didn’t want him and she didn’t want “it.”

Celia already has a little girl. The counselor discussed with her what the abortion could do to Celia and how we've seen it even affect their older children emotionally, but Celia seemed to have let anger and fear harden her heart. She said, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll go on in there, and see what they say. If you see me leave in a little while, I’ll come back over to talk to you. But I’m not going to change my mind.” And she left.

It’s surprising how much sorrow you can feel for someone you’ve only known for a few minutes. She was so alone. They prayed the Memorare for her.

Suddenly the door opened and Celia came quickly bursting through the doors, down the stairs, across the entrance way, and headed back down the street. The surprised counselor began to see if she wanted to speak, but Celia never looked back. She had taken literature earlier, so she had phone numbers for resources that will care for her and her baby.

We don’t know what she finally decided. We hope that she rushed away with LIFE on her heart. We pray she will reach out and get the help she and her family need.

Never stop praying. And never surrender hope.

Tags: sidewalk, pro-life, man, abortion, counseling

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