Double Save!

November 3, 2020

 Dana* and her daughter Vikki* came to Southwestern abortion facility because they didn’t know what else to do. It’s just the two of them. Dana didn’t want her daughter to have an abortion, but she didn’t want her to be alone. As they pulled into the office parking lot, they saw one of the protesters with a large sign showing an aborted baby.

“That did it,” Dana said. “When Vikki saw that guy, she got really angry and said that no one was going to tell her what to do.” Before that, she might have been able to talk her daughter out of the abortion, but not now. The wait was going to be fairly long, so Dana stepped out to smoke a cigarette. She walked around the parking lot, in the opposite direction from the protester. She saw a woman standing at the north entrance who called out to her, asking how she was doing. 

Dana went over to the sidewalk counselor, and they began to talk. The counselor handed Dana information from the pregnancy help center and explained that the services were free. Dana couldn’t believe it. “We thought we didn’t have any choice. But if these people will help us…” She left to get her daughter out of the abortion facility.

About forty minutes later, the counselor was surprised to see Dana walking towards her again. 

“Do you have any more of that information?” 

“Of course. Is everything okay?” 

“Yeah, Vikki is fine, but there’s a woman in the parking lot sitting in her car crying because she doesn’t know what to do. I told her I’d bring her information about all your help.”

Before Dana left, the counselor told her, “You know there was a reason you didn’t go to your car to smoke this morning. God helped you save two babies, your grandchild and a stranger’s baby.” Dana surely walked away feeling doubly blessed.

*Names changed to protect privacy.
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