Glued back together again

March 22, 2016

I got a call I have never received before. It was from the owner of a store. He said he had a lady in tears in his store and needed my help.

Empty MangerShe held the phone and told me the story…. Her friend had given her a baby Jesus and soon after that, she dropped it, and it broke. The head and the arms broke off. As she held the pieces she thought to herself, “This is what I have done to my baby and this is how I have hurt Our Lord."  She sobbed into the phone with such deep grief, continuously repeating ”Why did I do it…why did I do it…”

An hour later, we talked again.  By God's grace, she accepted our invitation to find healing on an upcoming Rachel's Vineyard Retreat.

I went to meet the store owner today and took him some ministry materials. He was very moved by the story. He said the lady had come back to his store after our call with a face still etched in pain. She shared with him that she was able to get a place on the next Rachel's Vineyard Retreat. She smiled through her tears, and told him she would return once again after the retreat.  And that her tears would be no more.

Then she held out her trembling hand and in it she had the broken baby Jesus… but this time it had been painstakingly glued back together again.

Submitted by Healing after Abortion Ministry Director Eileen Kuhlmann

If you are someone you know is suffering from a past abortion experience, there is hope and healing. We can help. Begin the journey to Christ's mercy today at


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