Healing After Abortion's Rachel Vineyard Retreat Testimonials

April 17, 2023

Healing after Abortion is a ministry for women and men suffering from the trauma of abortion.

Through our Project Rachel outreach, we offer Rachel's Vineyard Retreats, as well as access to mental, spiritual, and physical health care, and moral and emotional support. The weekend retreats are designed to help work through repressed grief, anger, and guilt associated with the loss of a child due to an abortion, and present an ideal opportunity for experiencing God's forgiveness, mercy, and compassion. We hosted a retreat in both English & Spanish over the past two months. Here is what Director Eileen Kuhlmann had to say: 

"Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat in Spanish welcomed 13 hearts devastated by loss due to abortion decisions. Years of shame and guilt tightly wrapped their hearts leading them down a lonely road of self-condemnation. God’s merciful healing on the retreat helped them lay their burdens down and encouraged them to accept His invitation to jump into His loving embrace welcoming them back to Him.  Shame, guilt, anger, despair…all left behind. Tears flowed abundantly and a compassionate team walked at their side as they released all they held within only to be filled with peace as light pierced their darkness. The certainty of where their children are, and the excitement of discovering how much they are loved brought them back to life again. All praise to God…the Vineyard rests as we watch 13 hearts walk out the door, telling us they have discovered the true meaning of what it means to be loved, and have received abundant healing and restoration."

We are so grateful that these souls were able to find peace and healing through a Rachel Vineyard Retreat! Anonymously, here are the retreatant's testimonies:

“Please take me in. I know the retreat is full. I promise to stay in a corner, and I don’t need much to eat…please make room for me. I need this healing so very much.”

This is how the retreat began, as we welcomed one more through our doors!  When our retreat ended….

“My wife and I came here separately to heal our role in the abortion decision. We leave as a couple. The wall between us has come down and we have enrolled in catechesis in our parish, as well as made an appointment with our pastor so we can unite under His direction. We will begin anew with our children, and we are so very grateful for this opportunity.”

“I leave this retreat knowing I am a daughter of God, mother of a family, and I feel loved and so very happy I came so I could receive these blessings.”

“I am at peace. I feel an interior light now and I no longer walk in darkness. I see light all around me now.”

“As the mother of a family, I feel liberated now of my burdens and guilts, because I was tied to them for many years and my guilt tormented me.  No longer. I am a new person in Christ.”

“I have been consoled by Jesus on this retreat and I know now that I am not alone, and I can rest now knowing where my child is."

"I feel like I have recovered a part of my life. I have so much more love for my spouse and as a daughter of God, I learned to forgive myself and be grateful to God for His mercy.”  

“I feel so loved by God because He has given me so many blessings that I didn’t even know I needed, and on this retreat, I truly accepted that I am His beloved daughter, and He has forgiven me.”

“As a man, by the grace of God, I have arrived at the right place by coming here, so I could heal and then in turn take this good example of how we should live, back to my children and my wife. I have been redeemed as a man, a husband, and as a father.”  

Our God is faithful and always ready to touch and heal a wound. He held every one of them in His arms as they emptied themselves of their tears, gently held their faces in His hands as He looked into their eyes and said…. Welcome home. You are loved. You are mine.”   

We want to help you heal! Please share, as you never know who may be silently suffering in your life. 

If you are ready to take the first step toward recovery, reconciliation, and healing, contact
214-544-CARE (2273) or  for confidential assistance.  All faiths are welcome. www.racheldallas.org 

As an outreach for men, we offer also offer Project Joseph©, a one-day healing for men involved in the abortion decision.  Learn more about Project Joseph here.

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