May 1, 2018

Whenever we are on the street, we ask the Holy Spirit to give us the words to touch hearts and change minds. And even though we know that God is the one in charge, we find it hard not to second-guess ourselves. "Why didn’t I mention the harm an abortion could do to their relationship? I should have told her about the single mom who started her own business so she could take care of her baby and herself."

As a signal grace to us, God reminds us that He not only stands with us, but He holds us in His hands. Last week at the abortion facility, the sidewalk counselor saw a petite woman (I’ll call her Anne) about to go inside. They could barely see each other over the bushes by the porch railing.

After the exchange, the counselor returned to explain, that all she managed to say was “Here” and hand Anne the literature. That’s all she said. No offers of help, no other information. Just ‘Here’.” Anne came straight over to her and took the brochure. Anne’s a mom with two kids, pregnant with her third. She doesn’t want the abortion, but her husband doesn’t want another baby.

Then the counselor shared with a laugh -- “I told Anne about the pregnancy help center and offered to take her there. She took off so quickly that I was almost running to keep up with her! I couldn’t answer her questions because I was outof breath!” 

A second counselor had called to let the staff know that they were coming, and the sonographer was able to see the woman right away. “Lots of love, that’s all she needed,” the counselor said. 

Leaving Anne in good hands, the counselor went back to work. About two hours later, she saw Anne walking toward her, carrying a gift bag with presents for the baby that the pregnancy center gives to their expectant moms. She couldn’t wait to show the counselor the sonogram picture on her phone. “You fell in love with your baby, didn’t you?” asked the counselor. “Yes,” Anne said, “And I texted the baby’s picture to my husband, and he fell in love with her too!”

There were no statistics, no clever arguments, no persuasive techniques. There was a “yes,” and a willingness to stand in love. Here.

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