I tried to leave ... twice

May 23, 2013

Twice today, I tried to leave the abortion center as we received warnings of a dangerous storm system capable of tornado activity.  My thoughts turn to Oklahoma... the devastation. Before leaving, I ran up the stairs to offer prayers in the chapel of the neighboring pregnancy resource center. One of the center volunteers tried to open the Chapel door. We could hear the lock clicking "open" but the door wouldn't open. After several tries, I just knelt at the door and asked the Lord for protection for all those in harm’s way (whether from abortion or the storm). 
As I approached my car to leave, I noticed a woman just a few spaces away in the abortion facility’s parking lot. Her car door was open, and a young girl who looked to be her daughter sat in the passenger seat. I peeked around the fence and asked if they needed a "free pregnancy test and sonogram”. She responded they had no insurance right now. Not a problem! Right next door, there was a place that could help. She walked straight to me, "I didn't know [there was help] right here," as she looked towards the pregnancy resource center. The abortion facility parking lot attendant began yelling at the two woman, "That's not the clinic!" I assured them that he was just a parking lot attendant, as they stepped into the alleyway towards the pregnancy resource center. He continued to yell that they couldn't park in the now (mostly empty) abortion facility parking lot.

The mom turned back to move their car, as her daughter and I proceeded into the resource center. The mom arrived in a few minutes, and we chatted in the waiting room. Her daughter was embarrassed and ashamed to be pregnant, but her mother flatly stated, "If she has this abortion, she will carry a much bigger shame for the rest of her life.  She may have immediate relief [if she has the abortion], but that will not be long-term". (Her mom sounded like one of the counselors!) She then joined her daughter in the counseling room as I skipped down the stairs to leave pondering… What if that chapel door had opened? THANK YOU, JESUS for locking me out!

As I returned to my car for the second time, I could see a lady to whom we spoke previously sitting in her car in the abortion center parking lot. She appeared to be trying to leave, racing the engine, but the car wouldn't go backwards. This was perhaps her third trip to the clinic, alone... always alone. Each time she had taken our literature; each time she listened and sadly smiled. Each time she turned, resigned, and went into the abortion center. This time she was inside for a long time... maybe 4 hours. And now she was trying to leave, but couldn’t get her car to go backwards.

Something was holding her place. She was stuck. "Are you ok?" I asked. No, she wasn't. She looked groggy and lines of sadness in her face visibly deepened. She seemed emotionless as she repeatedly put the car in forward gear and then tried to make it go in reverse. 

"Is there someone who you can call to help you?" There wasn't. 
I had Rachel Vineyard literature in my hand. I asked her to come to me. She slowly got out of the car. It caused her some pain to move, to even walk. I opened my arms, and she entered into the circle of my embrace. A small glimmer of light came in her countenance and just as quickly disappeared. I spoke softly to her and she nodded. She tightly held the Rachel Vineyard literature and intently gazed at the picture on the front of the brochure of Jesus embracing the penitent woman. She slowly walked back to her car.
She put the car into reverse and she backed out. She wasn't stuck anymore.
As the storm gathers and I reflect on the day’s events, every cascade of rain seems to be tears from heaven. There is deep thunder. And there is hope. There is always hope in the tender Mercy of our Savior. Blessed Mother, go with these women. Wrap them in your Mantle of Protection. Bring all who have suffered the devastation of abortion to your Son. Holy Spirit bring courage to those who have chosen Life for their children.  

Holy God, Who pours out His Mercy like this rain falling upon us, we praise, adore and give Thee thanks. 


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