Over and Over Again

May 22, 2018

We see woman after woman after woman cry, saying that they don't want to abort their babies but that they have to because their parents, boyfriends or husbands are making them do it. 

We offer them free help. Some beg you to pray for them. Some fall in your arms, as they break down and cry. You see the look of horror and desperation on their face. You tell them that they have rights, that you can help them for free, but then their phones ring. Someone's asking them where they're at. They go. You watch them walk in and your heart breaks, knowing what's about to happen. You remind them that you’re there for them, that they can always walk out.

The abortion facility takes their money, aborts their babies and tosses them out hours later like garbage. They're so broken, sick and horrified. They can barely stand or walk due to the pain. 

But we're still there. We saw what happened and we're there for them to help them with their grief and broken hearts. 

This happens over and over again and thousands of people drive by like nothing. Their silence is horrifying. 

Day after day we see the horror and it haunts us. All we can do is pray and try to be there for them again the next day. 

I watch the news and hear them spew the lies about "women's rights". No matter how attractively they try to package abortion, I know that it's the greatest exploitation of women and babies. They deserve so much better. 

Jesus, protect and save the unborn! Jesus help us to help them. 

By Sidewalk Counselor, Celina Boyle Cardona

Tags: sidewalk, pro-life, man, abortion, counseling

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