Pushing Forward...

December 15, 2020

When I first heard about GEMS, I was walking out of an abortion clinic with a set appointment to come back. At the time I was a 23-year-old single parent of two other children expecting her third child and struggling to sustain them. My children’s father wanted nothing to do with this third child and was willing to pay for the abortion, at the time that was the best solution. While inside the clinic I refused to hear the baby’s heartbeat or even see the ultrasound all I wanted to know is how the abortion process was going to go. When I walked outside of the abortion clinic, I saw two persons standing on the crosswalk calling me to come over and that changed my life forever.

My children’s father was telling me not to walk towards them because they were going to convince me not to have an abortion, but I did. I started to walk towards the individuals because deep down I wanted to hear that I had other options. I had two children that I could not live without and I knew this third one was no different. I met with Joanne and she started telling me that there were options outside of abortion, and she promised to always be there for me. Joanne walked me to Birth Choice to set up a new sonogram appointment and she also introduced me to Ingrid and GEMS, that is how my Naomi was saved.

I was a very broken 23-year-old, I had so much hate and regret built up inside and I did not know how to let go. I was alone and had no support. My child’s father had warned me after walking away from abortion that he was not going to be a father to my unborn child and my family was non-supportive to begin with. Throughout my pregnancy, I was very miserable and would cry non-stop, but GEMS rescued me. I started attending the Saturday classes and they transformed me; I saw hope. My self-esteem was slowly brought back up, and I started praying a lot more. I met a group of individuals that became my family, a family who genuinely cared for my children and my wellbeing. I no longer had to worry about diapers or clothing for my smallest children, because of the donations provided to GEMS I was able to manage finances better.

GEMS gave me the opportunity to continue pushing forward and grow spiritually as an individual. GEMS classes have helped me believe I am able to do anything I set my mind to do; the self-esteem and prayer classes have especially impacted my life enormously. If I receive the scholarship from GEMS it would be used to pay for my Nursing program courses.  GEMS has provided me with the resources needed to build a brand new Sandra full of hope and peace, and for that I am thankful.

- Sandra Gonzales, Project Gabriel Mom




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