The rosy cheeked "monster" who continues to defy doctors...

April 18, 2017

The odds were stacked up against Natalia. Her mother was told that she was going to come out so badly deformed that she would be similar to a monster. She was also told that she needed to abort the baby as soon as possible. She worked at Saint Paul Hospital and would spend her lunch hour praying at the chapel for her baby.

                                  woman praying

Before her baby was born they told her that they would like for her to donate the placenta for research and they put her in the equivalent of the presidential suite in order that the entire neonatal unit could be there with doctors specializing in all the different deformities the doctor said the baby was supposed to be born with. 


But when she was born, she was rosy cheeked and had big beautiful eyes and was in perfect condition. 


All for the glory of God we have a beautiful young lady now who is 100% pro-life. Meet Natalia. 

                               from left to right: Natalia's mom, Aurora, and Natalia
                                                       Natalia's mother, Aurora, and Natalia  

Written by Aurora Tinajero, Director of Multi-Cultural Ministries and Director of the Hispanic Pastoral Ministry. 

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