A Signal Grace Worth Waiting For

October 5, 2021

About three months ago, a young couple came to the abortion center. When the girl went in for her appointment, the Sidewalk Counselor called the young man over to talk. Jacob* told the Counselor that they were there to get an abortion and that it was her first appointment. (In Texas, unless you live 100 or more miles away, you have to wait 24 hours after your first assessment to get an abortion.). Jacob said they both wanted the abortion. Hey, he was fine with it.

As the Counselor explained all the damage an abortion can do, he started shaking his head. As he turned away, she told him to get his wife out of the abortion facility, and she would walk them over to the pregnancy help center. Jacob didn’t answer, but she saw him take out his phone, and he stood on the corner talking to someone.

So many times we don’t know the end of the story, but every so often, God often sends us signal graces to show us that his hand is on us, and we are following his will. Yesterday, Jacob and his pregnant wife walked up to the Sidewalk Counselor. With a big grin, Jacob asked, “Do you remember me?” “Yes!” she said. “We’re ready for the help you told us about.”

The Counselor walked them over to the pregnancy help center, and the young couple shared their story of what happened three months ago. The wife said, “I was scared and nervous, and my husband convinced me to get out of there. He told me God had touched his heart, and he couldn’t kill our baby!” Mom’s sonogram is scheduled for next week. Thanks be to God!

- Susan Platt, Sidewalk Counselor


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