Virtual Gabriel Angel Training

Saturday, January 30, 2021 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Location(s): Virtual


Become a Gabriel Angel and learn how to mentor a mother facing an unexpected pregnancy. All materials are provided. Bilingual speakers are especially needed!

For more information and to register online (required), please visit If you have additional questions, contact Berenice San Juan at 469-602-4357, or .

NOTE: Safe Environment clearance is required to be paired with a mom, but it does not have to be completed in order to be trained. If you have already taken safe environment training through the diocese of Dallas, please make sure your clearance is current. A Safe Environment clearance must be updated every year. If you are not safe environment cleared through the diocese of Dallas, contact your parish or school safety director to begin the process.

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Entrenamiento de los Voluntarios Ángeles Gabriel Virtual en inglés. 

Conviértase en un Ángel Gabriel y aprenda a ser mentor de una madre enfrentando un embarazo inesperado.  Para inscribirse en línea (requerido), por favor de ir a

Para más información, contactar a Berenice San Juan, o 469-602-4357. 

NOTA: Este evento es solo en inglés; Aquellas personas que asistan deberán ser bilingües.