Give the Light of Mercy

Each year, we hear from hundreds of women and men who are hurting from the experience of a past abortion and in need of Christ's mercy. Your generosity will help create a pathway to healing for one person, symbolized by the Candle of Christ received on retreat.

Light of Mercy

Your gift of $25 will help support the materials needed for one person to attend a retreat, including a candle the retreatant receives as a reminder of Our Lord's abundant mercy. In advance of the retreat you will receive the initials of your adopted retreatant to hold them in prayer.

One time donors will adopt one retreatant attending the next upcoming retreat. Recurring, monthly donors will support 12 retreatants over the next year.

Ready to give the "Light of Mercy?" Please adopt a retreatant in need of your prayers and support below:

Item Description Price Select
Light of Mercy Gift

A one-time donation providing prayers and support, including the "Candle of Christ."

Light of Mercy Monthly

A recurring monthly donation provides prayers and support for 12 retreatants.