If you are driving yourself or carpooling, the following parking options are available: 

Roe Memorial Mass

2215 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75201, Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Parking nearby/at the Cathedral ($15 per car):

Lot 501 Hall Arts Center Green Garage

Halls Arts Center Public and Event Parking

Lot 503 Arts District Parking Lot

Additional lots (beginning at $5) can be found on the "Best Parking" app and website here


Roe Memorial Prayer Vigils

The best place to park is on Boundbrook Avenue, which is the first side street north of the intersection of Greenville Avenue and Royal Lane, on the west side of Greenville Avenue (across the street from the office complex).

Parking may also be available in Gaston Christian Center, 8515 Greenville Avenue (also accross the street from the office complex).  Please do not display any pictures or posters dealing with abortion anywhere in the church parking lot, including on or around your vehicle.

Do not park in the Royal Creek office complex parking lot at any time.

Parking is available on the street.  Do not park in any medical or other commercial building parking lots and avoid parking within 15 feet of any fire hydrants. Any personal belongings, bags or packages left in your car should be placed out of sight (e.g., in the trunk).

Do not park in the Planned Parenthood abortion facility parking lot at any time.