Do No Harm Series

Conference for Healthcare and Legal Professionals



Examining End-of-Life Issues  |  September 23, 2017

At some point, everyone dies.  But not everyone is prepared to deal with the life or death issues leading up to that moment. How does a person ethically address issues like “brain death” and organ donation? What legal documents will protect a patient’s values and religious beliefs while receiving medical treatment? Must a person be connected to a ventilator and for how long? Should assisted suicide be an individual’s choice? 

This conference, addressing end-of-life issues, is necessary to stem the confusion compounded by individual choice and rising healthcare costs. Open to all, including those in the medical and legal profession, this conference shows what is truly meant by the words “dignity in dying.”

More information and registration coming soon.

This conference welcomes attorneys, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, counselors, social workers, marriage & family health therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, other healthcare professionals, and anyone else interested in the effects of abortion, post-abortion treatment / ministry and natural fertility care (Continuing education credits anticipated for multiple disciplines)