Volunteer pledge

I am volunteering to peacefully pray at the Planned Parenthood Addison Health Center at 4551 Beltway in Addison, Texas.
• I am not there to debate.
• I will stay on the public sidewalk.
• I will not block driveway entrances.
• I will show compassion and the love of Christ to clients and workers, no matter their response to me.
• I will not litter.
• I will not bring graphic or political signs.
• I will not vandalize private property.
• I will cooperate with local authorities.
• I will remain peaceful at all times.
• I will not display signs or flags unrelated to prayer or pregnancy/healing assistance.
• I will not physically contact, verbally abuse, or threaten any referral center employees or clients.
• If I have been trained to sidewalk counsel, I will offer help and information to clients and workers.


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