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The Gabriel Team

Project Gabriel is an outreach ministry with key individuals at diocesan and parish levels.

  • Pastor - agrees to the presence of a Project Gabriel sign on parish property and acts as a spiritual advisor to the parish Angels and Gabriel mothers
  • Project Gabriel Ministry Director - manages ministry, trains Gabriel Angels, promotes Project Gabriel awareness, and acts as liaison to parishes and other groups. 
  • Gabriel Angel Assistant - assists in pairing the Gabriel Angels with mothers and helps recruit and train Angels
  • Project Gabriel Resource Coordinator - researches community resources for mothers and facilitates material assistance for Gabriel Moms
  • Parish Coordinator - supports the work of Project Gabriel through awareness, prayer, education, and fundraising assistance.
  • Parenting Options Advisor - meets with Gabriel mothers to discuss possible adoption and parenting plans 
  • GEMS Coordinator - coordinates instructional modules for post-Gabriel mothers
  • GEMS Coaches - mentors candidates on their journey to graduation from the GEMS Academy

Partnering Agencies: